Sup ya’ll! Welcome to Beat X garage where hip-hop and cars are the top menus. Here, ya’ll get the latest news, reviews and updates about cars and hip-hop culture. Plus, I’ll feed you up with some cool tips to jazz up your ride. So, to start up, my first post is about “hip hop star cars”.

Contradict to what Nas says; hiphop is not dead, in fact, their bangin’ and still makin’ some noise. Now, hip hop evades the car industry. Their collaboration have made them even more famous. The hip hop’s taste in rides is definitely moving along. Sick cars like Porsche Cayenne SUV as well as Daimler’s Chrysler’s Maybach are just some of the targets. Recently, there are seven advanced orders for Maybachs made by some hip hop stars and undoubtedly, they will be seen on videos soon. But seems like the taste in SUV is shifting ‘coz everyone’s eyeing the Lincoln Navigator which is the ride choice for a while. However, some stars does have their flava’ of the month mood so they think that Cadillac Escalade is hot. So this is one of the prices of fame,huh?


I see a lot of rappers drivin’ hot wheels in all occasions, one would be Ludacris, this man is not only good in busting his rhymes but he has a good taste when it comes to rides. In fact, he owns some of the famous cars that most of them stays on our wish list and will probably forever in the list and keeps wishing to own one. Well, that’s another story. Luda’ is the top rapper who gave us the joints like “what’s your fantasy?”, “P-poppin’”, “Diamond in da Back”, “stand up” and more. He’s one of the few hip hop artists who are able to combine lyrical skills, colorful personality, commercial success and social consciousness. And these gifts are not easy to manage, but for a talented man like Luda, these are just the beginning. He has also launched few albums which made him even more famous, On top of that, an owner of several pricey vehicles. Today, when talking about celebrities with great rides the name Ludacris is always connected to it. Most of his music videos featured cool rides and now he bursted out in the silver screen, appeared as one of the major casts in the movie Too Fast, too Furious. So no doubt he was seen driving an Escalade Last MTV Video Awards. He’s perfect for it.

Ludacris seems too good for an artist, as I was browsing the net; I came across with news that this Atlanta Georgia Star is giving away his luxury 1971 Oldsmobile convertible, the reason? “’coz he’s sick of being recognized in it.” Man, if I were him, I wouldn’t do that, lolz! He ain’t frontin right? or was he just doin’ what his song says’ “act a fool”. If he’s sick of being recognized in it, I’m sick of commuting everyday to work, so I just wish Luda gave it to me instead, lolz! Anyway, this famous convertible ride was featured on some of his music videos. Yeah, it’s the one that has blue and white colored ride that bounces on the beat in his music videos. He says this ride has a leather interior, a brand new engine, and a Bose sound system, how’s that for a cool car? Plus, you’ll get bonus sweats of Luda (lolz) juz kiddin’ guys. I wonder who owns it now. Well, Luda has shared his price of fame to one of his fans and that was good.
Meanwhile, through my research I’ve found the cars appealing to hip hop stars; here’s the list:

Porsche Cayenne SUV

porsche cayenne

Daimler’s Chrysler’s Maybach




Cadillac Escalade


Cadillac Escalade Truck


Lincoln Navigator


Lincoln Navigator

Chevy Impala




Lamborghini Gallardo


Lamborghini Gallardo

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