The menu for the day is “black”. I just noticed that dark colors nowadays are beginning to invade the car industry particularly black. Seems like were back to black again just like the old days. But I’m not talking about Amy Winehouse’ song ‘coz were not going to discuss relationships here. Anyway, auto makers have made a good choice for their next vehicle models. In fact they’ll look good on it. Black is cool, it means being conservative and it goes well with almost any colors except those that are very dark. However, this color has a conflicting nuance since it also depicts serious and conservative. Black is a mysterious color, it is sexy and sophisticated. ( Hmm..that’s me.(lolz)) This is probably just some of the reasons why car manufacturers can’t get enough of it. They want their vehicle models to look mysterious, sophisticated, conservative, sexy and other characteristics that a black color symbolizes. And one of their targets is to attract more prospect buyers by using the appeal of black.

Black look so fly on cars. It shows a unique character that is truly incomparable. That is why, some car owners turn their ride’s color to black. And here’s the latest trend in car styling and cosmetic car modifications- the matt black paint. Yeah, the matt black paint style is making a comeback. Here’s some tips that I got from one cool web site which provides great tips in restyling vehicles; the car According to this site; “A matt black paint effect is relatively easy to create, after the paint application you simply do not apply a clearcote or polish (with cutting paste) and the paint will stay flat. A layer of wax will protect it although the wax will give a slight sheen to the surface. Matt paint can be hard to keep clean as the dirt seems to bond better to it.” Nice tip! Guess I’ll try that to my ride next time.

Here’s more, there are also new rides to check out and guess what? Most of them usually comes in black. These could be the phattest rides in 08. Check them out!









~ by khia0486 on March 4, 2008.

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