Cars always amaze me not only because of their spectacular features but of the styles they show off on the streets. Well I guess, this is one of the rewards of the huge competition in the car industry. With that, auto manufacturers are also reinventing new styles of doors where some of them were really unusual but stylish while others are exaggerated yet appealing. So whether you want to be unusual, exaggerated or go in between, surely there are a lot of options to choose from. The variations of car door style add a distinct look and at the same time affect their practicality one way or another. Here’s the lists of the door types that may give you an idea if you are planning to modify the look of your ride.

BUTTERFLY DOORS – as defined, “Butterfly doors are doors that open horizontally, and then move slightly outward so that the side of the door is facing the front of the car. These are NOT to be confused with scissor style doors like those found on a lamborghini. An example of butterfly doors can be seen on the Ferrari P 4/5”. Urban Dictionary




Saleen S7 killer!


itz Enzo

GULLWING DOORS– “is an automotive industry term describing car doors which are hinged at the roof rather than the side. They are so named because, when opened, the doors evoke the image of a sea gull’s wings.” Wkipedia

Mercedes Benz 300SL

SCISSOR OR LAMBO DOORS – aka Vertical Doors are a unique and exotic accessory for todays performance- minded enthusiast. In most cases the Lambo Doors are able to open vertically by pushing the door slightly outward upon opening and then push up to get the “Lamborghini” effect on the door. It is most important in wider cars that the doors open outward and up, as opposed to a regular door. Whether you have a 2 door coupe or a 4 door sedan, these doors are extremely versatile and composed to fit most applications. Along with their style and versatility, Lambo Doors are also commonly used among the underground street


Lamborghini Countach

SUICIDE DOORS– Suicide doors are doors that open in the reverse direction. Why are they called “suicide” doors? In the old days, these doors were prone to open in a crash, and, since most vehicles did not have seatbelts, the driver and any passengers could be ejected out of the car in an accident. So driving a car this dangerous was said to be “suicidal.”

Also, you didn’t have to be driving to be killed by the “suicide doors”. If you are parked alongside the road and start to climb in or out of the car you better make absolutely sure that no vehicles are approaching. If you open a normal car door into traffic it will be ripped off the vehicle. However, if you have suicide doors and open the door into traffic it will be violently slammed shut. If you happened to be climbing in our out of the vehicle at the time, you would more than likely be crushed and killed instantly.

Therefore, anybody crazy enough to own a vehicle with these doors would have to be suicidal.

And that’s how the term “suicide doors” originated.

suicide doors



Koenigsegg 1

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  1. omg all these cars are beautiful i wish i had them omg they r the prettiest cars i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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