Oldie but goodie car gadget: The in-car phonography

I was surprised when I discovered that during 1950’s cars like Chrysler are already equipped with music bling-blings. The in-car phonograph which is a type of record player manufactured by Colombia is exclusively offered on classic vehicles like 1956 Chrysler, Dodge, De Soto and other Plymouth models. This spectacular record player can handle 45-speed records while seven-inch records on the latest 16-2/3 format. Integrated in a slide-out turntable below the vehicle dash and is concealed just behind the drop-down door that can be opened at the push of the button.


Way back before mp3’s and DVD’s were invented, drivers during those days can change between radio and phonograph in just a click on the switch. In fact, the same control buttons are used when adjusting the volume and the equalizers, so no-hassle, lol, unlike today, there are many buttons for every controls. However, the drawback is, every time the vehicle encounters uneven surfaces, the records skipped. And aside from that, the songs were very limited since the drivers can only listen to the artists who are signed to Columbia Records. But this music item did not last for years; it was abandoned, probably because it was outperformed by the latest innovations. But no matter what, I salute those techno geeks who invented the in-car phonograph; well at least it was a good start to invent new gadgets for vehicles, not bad actually. Who knows it might be reinvented? But of course with unlimited features, so drivers will not get bored when they drive and can listen to their fave artists and songs. Hopefully they can make it more functional and at the same time stylish to add a distinct look to the vehicle. Plus, definitely it won’t be the Chrysler cars that will only use it, all the vehicles should. Unfortunately, with all the amazing gadgets that we have nowadays, I don’t think this old item here will have a chance. Unless, if reinvented well.


~ by khia0486 on March 7, 2008.

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