Aside from Ludacris and Jay Z who owns the phattest rides, here’s another guy that also owns a good set of wheels- 50 Cent. Pricey cars are definitely one of the vices of big celebs and there ain’t no star bigger than 50 Cent, aight? But this man out here is seemingly not contented with the rides found in his garage. In fact, he’s planning to add some more and make his huge collections an amazing car world. Impossible? For me, not a chance ‘cuz I don’t have million dollar earnings like Fifty has. This guy can buy everything; he actually ranks third on the richest rappers in the world next to P. Diddy. So definitely he can afford them.  “I just want something everybody else doesn’t have”, the famous rapper declares. Wow! So that means, there’s gon’ be more cars that will be parked on his huge garage. His collections are not only displayed there, they are also pimped out according to Fifty’s desired style like what he did to his luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom which was transformed into a drop-top. He wants to remove the roof and change the Phantom into a sporty looking ‘vertible. Man! That’s too way cool! So whose gon’ do the chop-top? Of course, the famous pimp-rider Funkmaster Flex- the “New York artiste to the rap stars”. Yeah, he’s Fifty’s motoring mentor as well as car restorer. No wonder, his rides are so fly.  The plan of transforming his Phantom into a ‘vertible is definitely a complicated process according to the Bronx-based customiser. Funkmaster Flex thinks that it will cost Fifty as much as the car. Instead, he suggested that “rather than hacking the roof off the phantom, better check out first the new production example of the spectacular 100EX convertible concept car.

Here’s the picture;


In the hip hop industry, if the vehicle is bigger and brasher, the bigger the star. Usually, majority of the vehicles are bejeweled and pimped out all over, it actually epitomizes the emergence of the stars that comes from the ghettos. This is the reason why ya’ see a lot of hip hop music videos parading with gleaming pricey vehicles. Everytime the rappers celebs has get together, they don’t usually talk about business or rap, but “cars”. Other celebs that drives luxurious vehicles includes Wyclef Jean who owns $2 million-worth of automobiles, Busta Rhymes who owns one of the most expensive cars- the Lambhorgini Murcielago, Jay Z’s Mercedes Benz cars which is featured on his “Big Pimpin” video, Beyonce’s 1959 Rolls Royce convertible which is a gift from Jay Z, P diddy’s Rolls Royce phantom, Producer Scott Storch who owns the world’s most expensive automobile- the Bugatti Veyron and NERD member, Pharell William’s Ferrari Enzo.




So indeed, it is true that “a rapper’s car is more than just for driving- but also for adding a tremendous status symbol. That is, these street machines are just one of the proofs of prosperity. These Luxury vehicles are just one of the essential things in the hip hop industry. And probably, that is why most of the rap songs and hip hop videos are also now invaded with cars. I’ve noticed that Missy Elliot’s music vids are also featuring great rides. In fact, I saw a suicide-door vehicle in her “I’m really hot” video. Nice! The choreography is stunning too! lolz

~ by khia0486 on March 12, 2008.

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