To all the fans of The Fast and the Furious out there, celebrate with me as we are about to anticipate the part four installment of this great car hip hop movie. And hottie Vin Diesel is back with a new leading lady. This time a Hebrew actress will invade the scene and that is none other than the Israeli beauty queen, model and actress Gal Gadot. Well, it was such a huge opportunity for Gardot since TFTF is one of the hit movies in Hollywood. We all know that entering Hollywood is not that easy. Actually, there are very few actors and actresses have landed the role in the movie industry some of them were Mili Avital who starred in the science-fiction movie “Stargate” and Ayelet Zurer who starred in the movies Munich and Vantage Point.





Gal Gadot has actually beat out six other actresses who also auditioned for the role. Indeed, it is a proud moment for the Israeli people since such thing is also a tremendous accomplishment. During Gadot’s audition, everyone has been struck by her acting which is good and definitely she deserves to be a part of it. Actually, she also auditioned for the latest James Bond movie last month, but unfortunately, she didn’t get the role, but the director was so impressed enough with her acting who recommended her for the Fast and the Furious 4. So another Israeli actress to invade Hollywood huh?






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Aside from that, Michelle Rodriguez which is also one of the major casts of TFTF film has also signed up to reprise her role as “Letty” in the part four of Too Fast, Too Furious. Also returning for the fourth installment are First Part installment stars Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster. In the film, Walker and Diesel will up to help the feds to stop the importer named Braga. And that’s where the story begins. So we’ll anticipate a lot of actions and chasing stuffs with a good story of course.Well, the filming of this movie will start on March 13th this year and the main film location will be in LA and Mexico for over a month. Hmm..i say that TFTF crew has a good taste when it comes to the “leading lady” role stuffs (lol). Ok, I wanna’ see that “impressive acting” that these people are saying about Gadot and of course, ‘can’t wait to see the new rides that will be featured in this movie. The Fast and The Furious 4 is set to be release on June 5,2009. So I’ll start counting now until it’s premiere night lolz.










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3 Responses to “THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS 4”

  1. i liked the black car…with the engine cuming out from the bonnet……………which car is dat…???????i really love thus car

  2. i don’t know what is blue car ad black

  3. Por favor mida uhm skyline fast and the furious eu amooooo vcs

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