Everyone wants to stand out. Anyone would think that being “different” will make them unique. So, ok, it has a point. But, remember the saying? “If you wanna’ be different, just act normal”. That makes sense. If everybody’s gon’ act “different” then they were all gon’ be the same (hope you got what I mean), none of them will be unique, so the rule to stand out, be normal. However, being normal is not common to vehicles. In the car industry, being “unique” or “unusual” is the X factor to be the “best among the rest”. Interestingly, the appearance and even the features of the new generation of vehicles have been completely modified. And they all got “weird”.

Today, we see a lot of vehicles on the streets or in television that comes with an elegant, sporty, stylish, unique or unusual style. But among these different approaches, the unusual street machines are probably the ones that grabs more attention. Super cars are not unusual ‘coz they have futuristic and kick-ass styles which are normal but the concept of unusual vehicles is like a new story to tell, they have an “out of this world” looks and uncanny features.
Here are some of the unusual vehicles that I have gathered from the net;


I’m sure everyone’s familiar of this, Batman mobile was conceptualized on a cross between a Lamborghini Countach and a Humvee. The designer of this dope ride has actually bought the airfix model of both vehicles and kinda’ played around with the two auto models until the desired look was achieved. This machine was powered by utilizng 340 hp GM 350 V8’s which gives it a 0-60 time of around 5.3 seconds and a top speed of 220 miles per hour. The film Batman Begins has actually used 8 different Batmobiles and four of them were drivable and have amazing speeds.



Sounds like Italian, right? It is. This ride was created by the Italian manufacturer Ferruccio Covini. The Covini C6W is a radical six wheeler started to exist from mid seventies. But unfortunately, because of the safety issues as well as the general engineering and of course the costs, this concept did not last.



It is not a rapper’s name, but it is a luxury limousine concept introduced last 2001. KAZ which means Keio Advanced Zero emission vehicle is equipped with eight wheels and six of them are intended for turning. Each of the eight wheels are all powered by an electric motor which makes this vehicle environment friendly because it has zero emissions.



This machine is considered as one of the most powerful cars on the planet. It was built by Randy Grubb and owned by the famous American chat show host, Jay Leno. This spectacular machine can put out 1600 bhp at 2800 rpm as well as 1600 ft lbs of torque at 2400 rpm. It has a top speed of 140 mph.



An ingenious machine designed for wheelchair bound drivers. The Vexel Quovis is built with a keyless entry rear door with an integrated ramp and hand operated controls which are strategically placed at the single seat of the Vexel.



Nagisa was a vehicle introduced way back in 1991. It was designed to meld the on-road capabilities of a normal car, plus, aquatic capabilities of the cabin cruiser. Unfortunately, such machine has failed to do both roles, so it remains as a concept vehicle.



Peraves is a vehicle manufactured by a Swiss Company “Peraves”. It is actually an enclosed motorcycle. Its power came from a rear mounted loquid cooled 4 cylinder BMW K series motorcycle engine. It has a top speed of 202 miles/hr. It is crafted with covered aut-style seats and other equipments found in a luxury car.



Owning one of these unusual vehicles can be a great accomplishment. Since they are rare and different, surely, I’ll be proud to own one of them especially the Batman mobile.lolz

~ by khia0486 on March 15, 2008.

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  1. LOL!!!!!!

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