Nowadays, buyers are becoming wiser in choosing their new vehicles. Though excellent performance is a factor that most people look for in a car, still, the style catches the eye of those who wants to stand out. Regardless of the reasons why people owns a car, the massive production of new vehicles is just a manifestation that these street machines have become a huge part of our daily lives, hence, we can’t live without them. But unfortunately, they are also one of the reasons why people die. Aside from car accidents, pollution is also one of the drawbacks of these street machines. They are the reasons why we have to suffer from different illnesses. Vehicles produced toxic gases which are bad for our health.

With that, hybrid cars became in demand on the market. The reasons why most people go for hybrid cars are already given. What makes these cars different from the prominent ones is that they are good for the environment. These cars can actually reduce the smog by 90% and consume less gasoline than the conventional gasoline.

Other reasons why others considered hybrid cars;

  • · Hybrid cars are economical
  • · Hybrid batteries can reduce the fuel emissions since the hybrid engine draws on the battery and not with the gasoline when accelerating. And these batteries can be recharged while driving. And take note, no need to plug it in.
  • · When the car is in idle or stopped, the hybrid motors automatically shuts off and run off their electricity.

Now, every auto manufacturers are producing their own line of hybrid vehicles. In fact, most of them are not only good for our environment, but are also made with kick-ass style. Here are just some of the best hybrid cars this year. They are picked based on their excellent gas mileage, good performance and style. I got this from a reliable car site.

2008 LEXUS LS 600h – classy and hi-tech. These are just some of the great features that you can expect from this car. Its hybrid mechanism is designed to provide an excellent environmental derivation compare to the other luxury class competitors. So how about the performance? Man! Magnificent! Now wonder it is always on the lists of the best cars all over the globe. This car costs $104000 according to a source.






2007 TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID- one of the most popular hybrid cars, it possess great style and definitely ecofriendly. It is considered as a fitting front runner in the new generation of the hybrid sedans. It costs $26,200.







2007 LEXUS GS 450h 4dr SEDAN (3.5L 6cyl gas/electric hybrid CVT)- This car has a greater horsepower compare to the sports sedans. It has an excellent hybrid engine and an endless list of hi-tech features. This car is a total package – comfort, technology and performance. Just what you need in a car. So a price of $54,900 is a good price for it.






2007 HONDA CIVIC HYBRID – Japanese cars have proven that they are not only good in performance but also has a reputation for practical economy and this Honda Civic Hybrid is just one of the evidence. This machine is meticulously constructed and engineered to sip fuel. Plus, the interior tech options are usefully done which makes it a reliable and ideal commuter sedan.





2008 MERCURY MARINER HYBRID- It has a practical configuration of a small SUV ride, plus the low emissions as well as a good fuel economy of a hybrid car. And it is fully calibrated with cabin electronics which makes it a great hybrid car.







2005 TOYOTA PRIUS- Talking about the best hybrid vehicle, this ride out here can deliver an efficient gas mileage and great comfort.





~ by khia0486 on March 17, 2008.

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