Pimp my Ride is just one of my favorite TV shows. No matter how busy I am with work, still, I don’t wanna’ miss out any episode of it. Things on the show have changed ever since the new season has started. West Coast Custom was entirely replaced by GAS. I kinda’ miss those wacky guys from WCC, but the GAS crew are also good. Though they have different skills and styles in pimping a ride, still, can’t help but compare them. But I’m not trying to do the “this-is-better-than-that” stuff out here. Just got curious with how the new Pimp my Ride crew satisfies their customers by means of modifying the look of the car. WCC does an excellent job in jazzing up a vehicle. So probably, there is a li’l pressure on the part of the new crew of PMR – the GAS crew.

Many people are asking why WCC left the PMR, according to a source, one of the main reasons is that WCC has signed up a new deal to Pilgrim Films which is a production house, a company responsible for the hit shows like American Hot Rod, American Chopper and more. But I am not confirming it either. Here’s the link, if you wanna’ know about this stuff.

As the West Coast Custom crew left the scene, Galpin Auto Sports take the lead in pimping new sets of rides. But there’s a familiar face here, aside from Xzibit of course, there’s Mad Mike who is actually a free agent and freelances with the other customizers. So the new cast of the PMR includes;

Beau Boeckmann – he is the owner and the VP of GAS. (The owner of GAS is actually his father, Bert Boeckmann).

Gyasi – he’s the wheels and the tire specialist.

Mad Mike a.k.a the Wizard of Wiring – the electronics expert.

Luis- he handles the paint and body job.

Diggity Dave – he’s the accessories specialist.

Rick – he’s the interior specialist.

Cabe – the fabricator.

Galpin Auto Sports is actually a car repair shop located in Van Nuys California. Aside from providing spare parts, it specializes in customizing cars exclusively for the vehicle owners. GAS folks have entirely replaced WCC from the start of 5th and 6th season. On their main garage was an extensive array of customized vehicles which can be bought directly from them. Some of their masterpieces are shown in the new TV show “Knight Rider”. So better check them out there too.

From the beginning of the 5th season, GAS crew has already made a great job. They have gathered good feedbacks because of their impressive outputs. One of their popular handywork is the Ford Fusion which is displayed at Ford’s SEMA. The FF has been entirely pimped in and out. Some call it the bad- ass Fusion. Check out this site for its features.

Well I’ve all of the episodes of the PMR with GAS and for me, they did an excellent job! Actually, WCC and GAS are both great!

~ by khia0486 on March 18, 2008.

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