Today, we see a lot of changes on cars. Aside from their appearance, the conventional tools and devices are replaced by hi-tech ones. These new innovations are intended to make driving more comfortable and fun. However, I’ve noticed that most of the car gadgets nowadays are not that useful; some of them are purely made for decorative purposes, though they still have functions. And there are also some devices that are quite functional in a “ridiculous” way.

I’ve seen many car gadgets but the funny and the weird ones always catch my attention. Some of the distinct and funny car gadgets that I’ve gathered include the Car Capsule – the protective bubble for your car. This is a clear vinyl bubble designed to seal the vehicle away from various outside elements to keep it looking fresh and new. Hence, elements such as dirt, insects, moisture and dust are entirely locked out. Plus, it also has a built-in fan intended to circulate the filtered air inside the bubble to get rid of musty, soggy smell that can ruin the stored vehicle. This gadget is offered in seven sizes.




Other funny gadget is the Shock Car key; this is somehow a cool device for someone who loves to play pranks. Anyone who will press the button of the car key will have reward of a harmless electric shock that will make ‘em scream and jump. That’s funny!





Another cool car stuff, the Skull Helmet, anyone who wears it will look like the “ghost rider”. This helmet is light weight, has a lot of breathing space and comfortable to wear.




Wanna’ make your car look cool? Add a fake sunroof, duh! No one will notice that it’s fake. It looks so real!




Here’s for the sleepy head drivers – the Nap Alarm. Napping while traversing the road is not a good idea. This alarm has a motion sensor that activates if the driver’s head rock’s forward or anything that presumes losing consciousness, if it happens, a loud buzz will be set off directly to the driver’s ear.




If listening to music still makes you bored, here’s a cool gadget that will make your trip enjoyable – the 7” Sun Visor TV/DVD Player. The features includes a 7” LCD screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio DVD/CD player, SD card reader and a USB port where you can plug in your computer. It also has built-in tuner (receiver) where you can watch your favorite tv shows.

Another cool car add on is the Solar-powered fan designed to suck air through the window crack, hence, help maintain an excellent air circulation and prevent too much heat inside the car.





~ by khia0486 on March 19, 2008.

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