When “Pimp my Ride” was introduced, many car enthusiasts have become more interested in customizing their cars. Well, who doesn’t? I’m also a PMR enthusiast. These pimping stuffs are truly addictive. In fact, it allows every car owner out there to be more creative and provides them the freedom to express their unique personality. And those vehicles that are seemed hopeless to have a new look can now be one of the “dream” cars. See, how huge the difference is. Well, if old vehicles can turn into a new one, how much more if those street machines that already comes with the stylish features. Seems like automakers are trying too hard to impress their consumers, huh? Not bad. The result is good. Now, in the next five years, cars like Bugatti Veyron will just be the ordinary rides. Thanks to the sages who come up with this pimping stuff.  

As I was checking out the net, I came across this picture of a pimped out limo. I’m not a limo fan but the changes made to it through pimping is definitely ill!! I’d love to get my hands on it. Everything was cool and pricey. Rich people doesn’t seem to know where to put on their cash anymore so probably pimping out their limo is one of their minor projects. This is what we call traveling in style!





~ by khia0486 on March 26, 2008.

One Response to “PIMPED OUT LIMOS”

  1. hello how much is the limos are
    there any cheaps one

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