I’m always amazed by the inventions made from Japan, though some of them are kinda’ weird, still, they are somehow useful. This country is known for its whacky inventions. Here, you’ll find the road that can create a musical sound. It was actually intended not only to provide a relaxing trip, but also to keep the drivers and their passengers awake. Unlike the usual roads, this “melody road” comes with different colorful notes that allow the vehicles that passing above it to play a simple tune. As you go on with it, the note’s pitch is increasing by significantly increasing the ridges frequency while the opposite does it as well. To hear the best sound reproduction, a vehicle should run at 28mph, yeah, slow. With this kind of speed, the vehicle passengers will stay awake with its soothing sound. This ain’t a part of the New High school Musical 3.lolz. It just manifests how Japanese people love music, art, cars and technology – and they combined it all to one.


The Melody Road is incorporated in three routes throughout Japan which includes Hokkaido, Wakayama, and Gunma. Well, I don’t know who designed this road exactly but it’s sure way a great masterpiece.


~ by khia0486 on March 26, 2008.

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