Concept cars seem to be one of the favorites of car enthusiasts. They’ve got unique styles and superior performance. When it comes to these types of vehicles, Japan is one of the best sources of the coolest and distinct generations of concept cars. Believe me, you won’t find them anywhere else in the world except in Japan. What makes the Nihon concept cars stand out is because of the unique styles and hi-tech features that they have. Here are some of them;

The Toyota RiN is designed to promote harmony with the nature and induce a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. In practical means, this car is an eco-friendly machine. Some of its best features include the ergonomic seats, spot humidifier, oxygen level regulator, a glass that comes with a greenish color engineered for UV protection as well as infra light and at the same time enhance the interior. Another cool feature of this car includes the so-called “mood training” steering control system made to monitor the driver’s psychological state. On its exterior portrays Japan’s old growth Crytptomeria trees otherwise known as “yakusugi” found in Yakushima Island which is known for its breathless scene of ancient forests.


Specially constructed for the narrow city streets, the Toyota Hi-CT features an excellent hybrid engine which can be charge by means of plugging it into the wall outlet. This car is intended for the new generation of drivers. It has batteries placed under the floor to achieve more compact, decent design and interior 100V AC outlets that allows the vehicle occupants to have a convenient way to power up their portable electronic devices. Meanwhile, its rear deck is built large to haul huge cargoes like surfboards and bicycles, plus, it can also be equipped with a detachable luggage trunk. This ride is good for out-of-town trips.


Japanese automakers are one of the largest producers of eco-friendly vehicles. Aside from Toyota RiN, another machine was introduced – the Honda PUYO. It is actually a fuel-cell vehicle intended to provide a soft, friendly impression as well as to amuse the vehicle passengers and the people around it. PUYO has a seamless soft box concept that creates a roomy interior and attractive aura. Not only that, PUYO has a gel body that is crafted from soft material engineered to improve safety. Whoa! Soft but tough! What a unique design!



The Nissan Pivo 2 is an electric-powered vehicle. It is fully calibrated with individually-powered wheel units that can be turn 90 degrees so that it can move the vehicle in any direction. On one hand, the 360-degree cabin if this car is designed to allow the driver faces forward at all times. Though it looks like a toy car, the Toyota Pivo 2 has an upgraded dashboard-mounted called NEC Papero robotic agent that can handle conversations and detect the driver’s facial expressions to significantly monitor the driver’s condition. Aside from this function, this robotic agent Papero can assist the driver look for the streets and vacant parking areas, and other stuffs to take care of the driver. So with this car, the driver is not alone, everyone has a PAPERO in every Pivo that will also be a good road-buddy.


The Mitsubishi I MIEV Sport electric minicar has a pair of in-wheel motors that manipulates the two wheels on the front and the rear wheels are driven by another motor. Like the other aforementioned concept cars, this one is also an eco-friendly car. It can run at 200km (120miles) and powered by the lithium ion batteries. In addition to its features are the auxiliary solar cells integrated at the roof, generating fan installed at the front grille and a regenerative braking system that essentially recovers the energy as the vehicle slows down. Furthermore, the efficiency is increased due to the integrated power-saving LEDs as well as a window glass that can absorb heat and the interior features that all have bioplastic components.


~ by khia0486 on March 27, 2008.

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