Fugees is just one of my fave R&B artists, they’ve got real good songs. Well, their lyric does makes sense compare to the songs we have nowadays. Came from New Jersey, this group has started in the mid-1990’s whose genre includes the elements of Carribean – reggae and soul music. The members of Fugees are the rapper-singer Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean and rapper Pras Michel who all became one of the most respected hiphop figures until now. The name Fugees was actually derived from the word “refugee” this is because the the three members were from different races; Wyclef and Pras are Haitian Americans while Lauryn Hill is an African American.

Fugees has actually recorded two albums which include their multiplatinum album “The Score” (1996) which gives them Grammy recognition before disbanding in 1997. After such, the three members have tried their luck on their own careers which even made them famous as solo hiphop artists.

It was 2004 when the group reunited and performed at a concert in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn which has been a star-studded event including today’s well-known hip hop artists like Kanye West, Talib Kweli, John Legend, Common, Erykah Badu, Moss Def, The Roots, Dead Prez, Cody ChestnuTT, and more. They performed Hill’s “Killing Me Softly” song in an acappella rendition. Such performance has received positive reviews .

Though such reunion didn’t last, still, the music made by Fugees will not be forgotten. Among the members of this group, Wyclef Jean is my favorite. I always admire his lyrical skills, most of his songs are definitely great and the messages they convey was the reality. And because of this, Jean has become one of the celebrities that have the largest collection of cars. Yeah, it’s not only Jay Z or 50 Cent that have these fly rides on their garages, but also my man Wyclef have them.

Wyclef Jean is a collector of classic cars where he considered his lifelong hobby turning it into a new business venture by creating his own line of bargain sports vehicles. The former Fugees member owns huge collections of classic cars which include the rare vehicle Pagani Zonda C12 and the F-1 McLaren which he named Josephine. In fact, he offered replicas of some of his most favorite rides to those that who can’t afford million worth cars.







Jean also added that he wants to make a line of an affordable car for the kids. In fact, when he was young, their family owned a Firebird, Thunderbird and other sorts of old cars. Well of course, nowadays, cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari are the favorites of most young enthusiasts. So, he wants to give them the same look but with the most affordable price. In fact, his impressive car collections were turn into museum pieces while charging his fans to see them. The entire proceeds will be provided to his Haitian charity called Yele.

 Here’s the Pagani Zonda C12, one of Wyclef’s babies. 





The Pagani Zonda C12 is one of the most impressive masterpieces of Pagani, an Italian auto manufacturer. It was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1999. This car is powered by a model 190.3344L 5987 cc (365cu in) Mercedes-Benz M120V12 engine and can run at 210 mph (340km/h) speeds. Its engine produces 408 PS (402 hp/300 kW) at 5200 rpm and 421 lb-ft (571 N-m) at 3800. Its interior promotes functional and original themes which are underlined by using the best materials such as the leather, satin finish aluminum, carbon and other pricey materials. And the performance? One word – Amazing! This car has a price of $ 325 000. So truly, this ride out here can be afforded by the rich ones, however, with the help of Wyclef Jean, those who don’t have this amount of money can still own like this through a replica. Well, that would be enough.




~ by khia0486 on March 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “WYCLEF’S PROJECT”

  1. […] Wyclef Jean: The former Fugee has a collection of flashy cars that includes a Ferrari 360 Spider. But his pride and joy is a 543-horsepower Pagani Zonda C12-S that sells for $350,000. The Italian-made vehicle is often described by automotive reporters as being “ultra-rare,” since few people have heard of the brand and even less own one. No more than 25 models have been made each year since the car was released in 1999. The car goes from 0 to 60 in 3.3 seconds and can reach a speed of 215 mph. But while Jean loves himself a flashy and expensive car, he is embarking on a new project to build replicas of cars like the Zonda that regular people can afford. […]

  2. i am a 19 year old young man that has recently graduated for automotive service technology and i am having a horrible time starting my new career i just wanted to know if any one had any vehichles they could help me out with i work full time at a local fast food joint putting in as much work as i can to support my 2 children please someone just hear me out and i will never forget it

  3. u copied punjabi car – HOW DARE YOU.

  4. Pagani is not Italian, is argentinian, dumb ass.

  5. i love this car it is the prettiest car i have ever seen in my entire life. And wow $350,000 that is a lot. I have right now like $210,000. i am still trying to keep up with my money. By the way i am 31 hoping to get this car much sooner.

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