Technology has entirely changed the concept of cars, but in positive ways. Definitely, the inventors of any gadgets or features for vehicles are presumed to provide advantages or benefits either for the user and the people around. I was actually impressed with the new devices and new vehicles introduced this year, like this Auto net Mobile that works by using the cell phone networks, a 3G EVDO which provides a wireless signal to the router in the vehicle. This makes the vehicle a wireless hot spot. It also allows multiple users while the router is about 100 feet from the car which is considered an ideal condition. This device is mounted on the trunk and it doesn’t require any special software or hardware. The internet it provides can be applied to any WiFi-enabled gadget and delivers a speed of 600kbps to 800kbps. It can be plugged on laptops, PDAs, cell phones, PSPs and more. The Auto net Mobile gets rid of boredom during a long trip.

But aside from that new gadget, 2008 has also a lot of surprises when it comes to new vehicles. But this time, it’s not about luxury, the new concept? Practicality. The new Ford Ecoboost V6 is a new booster gadget which will be used on the new Ford Explorers and Flex. This is said to be the new solution that will bring out huge horsepower and increases fuel mileage for the vehicle that will acquires it. It will be test on Mustang to further improve its performance. But there is no official word as to when it will be released, I’m sure, many car enthusiasts can’t wait to have it for their cars.

Meanwhile, Mazda is introducing a new vehicle in their Rotary family. An odd relationship. The Furai (pron: foo-rye) was launched at the NAIS (North American International Auto Show) has actually capture the attention of many people on the said event. Furai was actually a new concept of Mazda Nagare or Flow design style. It is set to be on the Courage C65 Racing Chassis that provides an excellent handling on the aggressive corners. Other great info about the 20B rotary that is used to power Furai, it runs in a 100% ethanol and is capable of producing over 450 HP. Wow, that’s a whole package deal of power, performance and an environment friendly vehicle. Nice job. This new creation also wants to prove that street cars are far different from track cars. Well, I guess that’s all for now folks! I’ll be back with the latest car updates.

~ by khia0486 on April 1, 2008.

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