There are a lot of new cars that I’ve seen parading several motor shows. They come in great styles that most enthusiasts surely can’t wait to get their hands on these cars. And so am I. In fact, I’ve got a lot of favorite cars, though I can’t own them for now (lolz), still, I always put them on my lists. I’ve noticed that most people look after the style and only a closer number for those who still believe that “performance really matters”. But for me, I choose both. A style is useless if the performance is lousy. And performance is futile without appeal. Performance is where the true essence of having a car is manifested while aesthetic value is one of the main reasons why vehicles, cars or street machines are now the object of art. Either way, they are both important.

Still puzzled. I mean why would some people choose to have an average vehicle power or performance as long as their rides are dressed up all over. Probably, that is one of the huge impact of the increasing influence of valuing the outside appearance. Anyway, enough of it. Here are my favorite cars. Man! They are not only powerful but also super stylish!

First on my list is of course my favorite Lamborghini Murcielago. Yeah, it’s kinda’ old now since there are a lot vehicles that were launched, but, this one is still my dream car. I dunno’ what’s with this ride which really makes me say “whoa” every time I came across its picture or anything about it. For me, it is super stylish. And the performance? This car does have what it takes. Its name “Murcielago” came from a bull which came from a farm in Joaquin del Val di Navarra that surprisingly survived 24 sword strokes in an 1879 fight in a Cordoba arena. So, two of its important characteristics are strength and power. On one hand, “bat” is also one of the meaning of such name, that is why, one of its type – the Murcielago roadster was also briefly featured in the movie Batman Begins.




This year, there are other added features for its LP640 type such as Ipod and USB connection, satellite navigation as well as a perforated leather for its pricey steering wheel. Meanwhile, its Roadster type will also have some changes such as a roof that comes in a stylish dark blue, grey or black. Plus, its steering wheel will have a new carbon fibre weave. And for those that are equipped with the E-gear transmission will have the gear levels. So there’s full of surprises for Murcielago fans out there.




Here’s another car that caught my attention, the Tesla Roadster, actually it was a new vehicle. Why most enthusiasts can’t wait to have it because of it was equipped with maximum battery power and sharp styling. It was a masterpiece of a small company located in San Carlos, California and was assembled by the Lotus Cars of England. The Tesla’s concepts were performance car and batter-powered vehiAnother dream car for me is the Koegnigsegg. What I love about this car is the style. It has a unique concept that truly stands out. Koegnigsegg is actually a masterpiece of a Swedish manufacturer of high performance vehicles which is located in Olofstrom and was later moved to Margretetorp. The Swedish folks show off their excellent car engineering by creating their own concept car. This vehicle was actually constructed with 1018 horsepower at 7200 rpm resulting to a high speed of 250 miles per hour or 400km/hr. In fact, the CCXR model of this vehicle is considered as the fastest production car in the planet. So this fly ride out here is definitely a whole package just like my favorite Lamborghini car.

Well, that’s all for now!

~ by khia0486 on April 2, 2008.

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