Now, I don’t know if you are into Formula 1 or NASCAR.  And this post is not about arguing which is better between the two auto sports.  Being into F1 lately, I decided to check up what these F1 drivers are listening to or if even they love music.


Try to search images of say Lewis Hamilton or Kimi Raikkonen on Google and chances are, you will see pictures of them walking around the paddock with headsets on.  Sure, they might not be the earphones like the ones we use for iPods or any music player for that matter but it kinda gives me the picture of these guys driving at breakneck speed while listening to their fave music.


So let us find out what these guys listen to.  First off is the defending champion, The Iceman, Kimi Raikkonen.  This guy is not the best talker around.  In fact I seem to think of him as a cool calculating machine which explains his talent.


But looks can be deceiving.  Kimi may look and speak like a bored grade schooler but he listens to one of the most “emotional” artists around.  This guy listens to Eminem.  That’s right. So whenever you see this guy chilling at the pits with “headphones blaring”, chances are, he’s listening to Marshall Bruce Mathers III.


Now here’s another champion and his music.  Fernando Alonso, the man many despises but also supported by many is known for his two world titles in 2005 and 2006.  Those were the final years of Michael Schumacher in the sport and Alonso upstaged the legend in two tries.


Alonso is Spain’s pride and it is not surprising that he loves to listen to Spanish pop.  What’s kinda surprising is that he loves to listen to the music of Anthony Kiedis & Co.  Yes, the Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of Alonso’s fave musical artists.  Hmmm.. wonder if he loved Nirvana.


From champions to potential champions we go.  This time, get that spotlight on another Finn, Heikki Kovalainen.  This guy joined McLaren this year after Alonso went back to Renault after only a year with the Woking-based team (that’s McLaren).  With a competitive car and his talent, Heikki has the potential to win the Big Kahuna (or whatever they call it in Finland) this year.


What music does Heikki listens to? This guy likes his music loud.  He listens to Nightwish, a Finnish metal band. With Kovalainen’s love of rock music and the fact that he is from Finland, I’m sure he knows the band Children of Bodom. Yep, the guys who gave us that Oops…I Did It Again cover.


And last but not least is Lewis Hamilton.  Last year, he kept rewriting records and almost won the championship.  Some say he choked while some other say that he was just unlucky.  But it cannot be denied that this kid has the talent and the competitive car to make it big this season.  In fact, he already won a race.


And what would the sport’s first black driver listen to? Well, its obvious right? He listens to R&B. His biography at McLaren’s site though does not give out any particular artist that Hamilton listens to often.


Apart from R&B, the youngster also listens to Jah music (uhmm, that’s reggae). I guess the cool soothing sound of R&B and reggae helps him keep his cool which is a must for a person who drives a road rocket for a living.

Also, I would like to add another driver to the list and he goes by the name of Vitantonio Liuzzi who is a test driver for Force India.  Well, this guys has never won a championship nor even a single race.  His chance of winning the championship this season is slim at best.  But this guy listens to R&B and hip-hop and that’s all good to me.

~ by khia0486 on April 3, 2008.

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