Hip hop nowadays doesn’t only mean freedom in expressing who you are and what you represent. It’s not only the music that makes it more famous, but also with cars. The collaboration of hip hop and the auto industry has created a new style. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of hip hop music videos and movies that features fly rides, may it be a pimped vehicle or a brand new one. Since hip hop is widely dominating the music mainstream, the auto executives have come up to add “bling-bling” to their vehicle lines and street credibility to their cars, which is great!

Featuring flashy cars with cool bling blings on it attracted more and more enthusiasts as well as fans to make their car look like the ones on the featured videos and movies. On top of that, the bling bling which is now included on the dictionary, made the over size wheels or dubs and the chrome add-ons shown on the vids the new vehicle must-have accessories. Many automakers have launched their own car shows, like the GM Motors that conducted their car-showdown two years ago. They have featured a lot of hip hop celebrities on such show like Snoop Dogg, the basketball star-player- singer Shaquille O’ Neal and other Hollywood celebrities. These people are seen driving customized cars like Hummers or Cadillacs which are also the competitors on the said car showdown to have the crown of King of Bling.

Such collaboration have actually influenced a lot of people by what they wear and of course what they drive. So this is not just about rappin’, but also personality and style which are the important aspects of hip hop. Aside from GM Motors, another respected car manufacturers also embraced the hip hop style on their vehicle lines and that is the Ford Corps. that promises to design their future cars with urban style. As I can remember Ford Corp. have featured a phat ride in a Fox Searchlight hip hop movie, it was a Lincoln Navigator, a very luxurious SUV. Well aside from movies and music videos, auto makers are also hoping that their vehicles will also be quoted on the hip hop song lyrics. Well, I don’t think its desperation, but a way of appreciation of hip hop music. This small thing can definitely add boost sales, probably.

The most omnipresent car brand mentioned on hip hop songs is the Cadillac. It was mentioned on the rap songs like Hip Hop Save my Life by Lupe Fiasco, Cadillac by Lo Fabolosos and more. This car has become famous and dominant symbol on the hip hop culture. Its style best fits hip hop, no doubt about it.

Meanwhile, the influence on mentioning or composing songs about cars is not new, since it is already a trend way back 1960’s where hip hop is not yet known. Beach Boys are just some of the artists who have made car songs famous that inspired other artists created their own and until now. But among the entire music genre, there is no other than music form that embraced cars as much as hip hop does, probably because, they portray a glamorous life.

With this new approach, it’s not only the automakers that gets the profits, but also the hip hop industry, aside from being the most popular form of music, they also get a good reward, fame and financially aspects. Both are benefited. Aside from music, hip hop celebrities are also shown on television shows like the MTV Cribs, Ride with FunkMaster Flex and Pimp my Ride. For me this is a good one since hip hop and cars are some of my passion. Actually, I’ve noticed some of them drives those that have the combination of luxury and classic style. These kinds of cars really got their attention. Well, I wish I could own one too.lolz.

~ by khia0486 on April 4, 2008.

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