Aside from American hip hop, I also have an eye for European hip hop. Though not that much, but most of their songs were pretty good. Well, you can easily identify a European hip hop to Americans. It’s on the beat. Americans usually have this heart-pounding beats while Europeans includes a slight touch of techno and of course the language. It was 1990’s when Hip hop became a popular sound in Europe, particularly in Paris like the suburban as well as provincial Parts of France. If we have hip hop legends here in America like Tupac, France also has MC Solaar a Dakar native, but lived in France. He has a keen interest in music, TV and literature. This guy started rapping at an early age. His success started when he released his first single in 1991, the track “Caroline” that reached top one. His first album “Qui séme le vent recolte le tempo” influenced a lot of French rappers as they use his style as basis for their music. MC Solaar is a well-known hip hop icon in French rap music.



But aside from France, other European countries have also developed their own flavor of hip hop and rap music. As define, Hip hop is basically a “cutlture of the urban ghetto’s, a lifestyle of the young people that living in the street and promoting self expression through music, graphic arts, dance and of course fashion wear. Hip hoppers usually wear large baggy pants and large shirts. Rap on the other hand is a “verbal expression of the street people”. Unlike the common form of music, this one doesn’t need a background of music education or expensive instruments. One would only need a voice, a turn table or soundmachine and the brain. Rappin’ is not that easy especially if you don’t have any idea on what to rap – words that makes sense, that is. Rap originally came from different roots and oral traditions; the Jamaicans who introduced the spoken words or talk over styles, the African Griots, and the Black people’s blues and artistic gospel and verbal ways of singin’ influenced by their culture denouncing their condition. And another source could be the any form of street speech made by various people. Well, the history of hip hop is actually another story to tell. We all know that Black Americans are the ones that created hip hop, Europeans have also established their own by adapting the Africans and Caribbean styles.

It was during 1980’s when African Bambaata introduced a different style of Hip hop in Europe particularly in France, this man was impressed with the huge importance of Black culture that comes from both Caribbean and Africans, so he encourages the young people to gather and express themselves through music. The first thing they embraced about Hip hop is break dancing since it was less violent compare to rappin’. But in the long run, there are a lot of different organizations that established concerts regularly performing raps that leads to the popularity of such. Hence, it became a huge trend for the young ones until now.

Some of the famous Italian hip hop celebrities were Fabri Fibra of Italy, Nach of Spain, The Streets of Great Britain, and Sniper of France. Though they all have different styles of portraying hip hop music, they still have in common, one would be showing off the phattest rides on their music videos. When it comes to this, Americans and European have some similarities which make me conclude that cars are really a part of the hip hop culture nowadays. They also featured Cadillac cars in some sorts and other sorts of low-rider vehicles as well as luxury cars like Lamborghini, Lexus cars and more.




~ by khia0486 on April 5, 2008.

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