When it comes to cars, we usually dreamed to have the most expensive and stylish vehicle produced. Most of us can’t afford it while others can. And those who belongs to the former one, we get to see them only on the pictures, TV, car shows and of course on the street. That is why, these cars end up as “fantasies”. Anyway, I do not intend to frustrate anyone with this post. But believe me; I belong to the fantasy car dreamers club as well. Man! Luxury, exotic, micro, unusual, super cars and whatever kind of street machines, all comes with a million dollar worth price, which gives us another reason to fantasize it forever, unless, we work hard for it. That would be better.

I’ve seen a lot of new exotic cars introduced this year. Man! I will probably speechless if get to see them personally. These cars are all fly! Why exotic cars catch more attention? From the name “exotic” they possess unique appearance which means you wouldn’t find them easily in every corner of the street and when they get out, they stand among the rests. Exotic cars are usually designed with the concepts of speed, design, power, luxuriousness and passion. These are intended for the sense of identity which is definitely exceptional in this glamorous world we live.

When discussing about exotic cars, one would think about the supercars like Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, Pagani and so forth. But these are actually just the common designs of exotic cars. Yes, people, ya’ read it write, “common” which means, those exotic cars made with meticulous engineering and designs were what? Indescribable. These players are definitely gon’ catch the attentions of more enthusiasts. And for the auto makers, that would mean a cash-register. Furthermore, there are also other classes of exotic cars which are crafted in creative concepts, luxury. There are also the eccentric limousines that do not only come in pricey tags but with the designs that few people dare to dream.

Usual exotic cars start with the low end price of $ 200,000 and up to $10 million dollar for every vehicle. This makes them separates to the middle class. These vehicles come in a unique speed, innovative technology and designs. In some instances, it can speed from 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds.

Some of my favorite exotic cars include the Vauxhall Speedster VX220, Porsche Carrera GT, Saleen S7 Twin, Ferrari Maranello, Lamborghini Diablo, and Pagani Zonda C12. Actually, there are more of them but I only named my top favorites. But I can’t own these cars. I think they are designed for the elite celebrities particularly the hip hop icons like Jay Z who owns a Maybach, P. Diddy and Jermain Dupri who also drives a Rolls Royce, Timbaland and Missy Elliott who are owners of the expensive Lamborghini and Ferrari. And Usher Raymond who owns a Porsche and Navigator automobiles. It’s undeniable that these people love luxury and style. Well, these cars definitely add a tremendous level on their status.

Meanwhile, here’s the list of the top ten most expensive exotic cars in the world;

10. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

9. Bentley Arnage

8. Ferrari 612

7. Lamborghini Murcielago

6. Maybach 57

5. Rolls Royce Phantom

4. Maybach 62

3. Saleem S7

2. Porsche Carrera GT

1. Mercedes-Benz SLR

I was glad ‘coz my favorite Lamborghini made it to the list. In fact, it is included as one of the fastest vehicles on the planet. No doubt about it, LM is a vehicle that all have the important factors of perfect vehicle – style, power and performance. More and more celebrities are becoming Lambo owners and probably they have the same reasons as I have. Lolz.

~ by khia0486 on April 8, 2008.

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