German auto makers embrace the hybrid concept as they unveil their new style at a major car show. However, their new vehicles change their tunes with regards to this one. Germans maintain their long-held beliefs that hybrid concepts are nothing when compared with the diesels and the next generation gasoline automobiles. This was stated by the engineers of the German companies who spoke at the VDA- which is an association of the German auto industry during the 10th annual technology conference in Ludwigsburg last April 2, according to the Supplier Business, trade magazine. Dr. Jens Hadler, executive director of powertrain development, has said stop-start devices—a very mild form of hybridization which shuts down a gas engine when the vehicle comes to a stop—can give clear savings, but a car with a full hybrid system, like the Toyota Prius, is too costly. He also added that, stop-start systems can increase 3 to 5% of the CO2 emissions, so a car like the Prius can save five times the fue, however, 18 times to cost. Such thing is perceived on the next generations of hybrids in the future, but not making them worthwhile. This standpoint has given them a little hope that their Volkswagen lines will provide 70-mpg diesel-electric full hybrid Golf concept into production.

~ by khia0486 on April 9, 2008.

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