Although the problem in our economy as well as the never-ending dispute in Iraq that dominates the surrounding presidential elections, the environmental concerns and the energy policy is still one of the major concerns in here. Our huge problems with regards to the environment is also alarming, hence, young voters who have been considered as an important demographic in several primary states, wanted to see a change. The energy plan allotted by Obama, which was allocated with $150 billion, is intended to establish a green energy sector and to dramatically increase current fuel standards by 2018. His goal is actually to reduce oil consumptions in the US by 35% which is expected on the year 2030. Last year, he also introduced a bill “that would pay as much as 10 percent of retiree health care costs for auto companies that were willing to invest half of those savings into hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles”. Wow! Not bad!


~ by khia0486 on April 9, 2008.

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