Sup again! Well, I’ve been discussing weird cars in my previous posts, but, today, I’m gon’ post about it again, however, this is different. Nowadays, we see a lot of weird automobiles parading several car shows, movies and etc. Yeah, that’s just seemed so common, right? So how about a weird car crash? Take a look at this picture. This ain’t a movie scene people! If you’re asking how did those cars get there? I don’t even know either.


In Europe, particularly in Switzerland, they have these reserved parking spaces for women that are near the exits and usually under video surveillance. Such thing is intended to protect women from getting assault every time they get into and out of their vehicles. However, men can’t help but parked on these reserved spaces, so to legally stop men from using such spots, some of the local garages are paint the spots with something colorful to discourage men from parking their vehicle there. Most of them painted the spots with pink and with some phrases.



Vehicles are one of our prominent and pricey investments. And since they cost a lot, regular maintenance is a must to restore their efficiency and good value. But the picture below, seems like the owner like it..dirty. Does it? Is this for real?


When it comes to cars, some like it luxurious, some like it stylish, but there are people that likes a car that is sweet. Yeah, you read it right. Environmental friendly car enthusiasts go Choco-loco. A certain Dorset company has finally come up to a conclusion on how to create a bio fuel from the by-products of creating chocolates. The choco waste products are actually turned into a bioethanol and combined or mixed it with vegetable oil in order to generate biodiesel. Now, what they got for us is an environmentally-friendly biofuels. Well, the normal diesel engines don’t have to be converted to make it useful.


Love tigers? Hmm..this car is for you.



Car owners would love to their rides to look cool. But not this “cool”. This is too much.


Hmm..seems like Nemo hits the road..lolz..but this vehicle looks cool eh?



~ by khia0486 on April 9, 2008.

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