Timbaland’s music always amazes me, all of his masterpieces are sick! Dope beats, that is. Almost all music artists would like to collaborate with him. Ok, no offense to Justin and his fans but without Timbo, he wouldn’t be so famous. Timothy Z. Mosley aka Timbaland is actually a former dj known as DJ Timmy Tim or DJ Tiny Tim. He started workin’ hip hop backing tracks on his owned Casio keyboard. When rapper Missy Elliot heard one of material and was stunned by Timbo’s unique sense of rhythm, she immediately began working with him. So along with the R&B group Sista, Missy auditioned for DeVante Swing who is a well known record producer and member of the R&B act Jodeci. In the end, Sista signed a contract to DeVante’s Swing Mob record label and Missy brought Mosley and Barcliff with her to New York where the Swing Mob is based. DeVante is actually the one who gave Mosley the name Timbaland after Timberland construction boots which is a popular name in the hip hop fashion industry.

Hence, that is where Timbo’s career began expanding until he became so famous. Now, he’s a well-known Grammy Award-winning American producer, rapper, singer and composer. His unique works in urban hip hop have made him one of the big time record producers. He produced countless hit albums and tracks for a number of artists from the mid-90’s up to the present day. Timbo’s production style is actually marked by its distinct arrangements, sounds as well as instrumentation which makes his material stand out and head-bouncin’ every time it’s on the stereo. Most of his masterpieces were included on the top ten hits in different genres. Aside from composing songs, he also ventured as a performer. You can hear him add some vocals to many of his songs he produces.

This year, there are a lot of upcoming productions for this guy which includes Madonna’s Hard Candy, Ashley Simpson’s Bittersweet world, and some untitled songs that features artists like Chris Cornell, Teirra Mari, The Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Hudson, Sugababes, and Usher. Now, he’s got a new album- Shock Value II, a third solo studio album, which was released this year. Another new tracks he produces was Flo-rida’s Elevator, the French Singer M. Pokora’s new single “Dangerous” that features himself and his brother Timbaland. And now, he’s also venturing the video game industry, Timbaland is actually working with Rockstar Games in order to produce the Beaterator which is a music mixing game for Playstation and music fanatics like me which will be released this summer of 2009.

And aside from the unique rhythms that Timbo produced, most of his music videos also featured great cars! Hmm, hip hop and cars are truly brothas. Since Timbo is a cool and unique guy, these cars match his personality. Of course, the Lamborghini’s unique features and styles will fit Timbo, another good car would be the Bugatti Veyron , a famous car just like him, Koegnisegg distinct approach just like what he’s doin’ in his masterpieces and the Maybach’s luxury best portray his glamorous and successful career.

Eversince, Timbaland is one of the music producers that I really admire. Hopefully, I can compose songs like what he does, I’m gonna’ make my own style, lolz. Yeah! The Timbo songs that I like includes Apologize, Dangerous, The way I are, Anonymous, My Love, Say it Right, Give it to me and a whole lot more. Actually, all. I can’t wait to have a copy of his new album-the Shock Wave II that also features one of my fave songwriter and singer Keri Hilson.

~ by khia0486 on April 10, 2008.

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