Global warming is a very serious concern nowadays. Of such is still unsolved, our planet will be destroyed. That’s terrible right? If it happens, we can no longer do our other plans about our life. Well, that’s another problem to tackle. What we have right now is an info I’ve gathered is a “conclusion” on how to lessen our problems with regards to global warming. Hopefully, it’s too late ‘coz other people say it is. But as long as we live, why not help find fight back this problem, besides, we are also involved why this problem became serious. Scientists are already workin’ on it, which they considered as our last resort and these solution may probably weird. People, according to these scientists we can fight back global warming through the stratospheric sprays of sulfur, trillions of orbiting mirrors and thousands of huge off-shore saltwater fountains. Seems like an impossible thing to do.

These solutions are actually designed to work against global warming as they deliberately deflect sunlight instead of retooling the world’s economy to get rid of carbon-rich oil, natural gas and oil. Man! I’ve never encountered such weird idea; in fact, it was quite a crazy or dangerous idea. But hopefully we’re not that desperate to solve it since we still have time, are we? Well, probably a little bit. The global temperature rise and the green house gas emissions accelerate; so that means, wild ideas are now ready to be entertained? However, such conclusion has a point. With our eagerness to solve global warming, these “wild ideas” are now becoming respectable. According to such, volcanoes can help us fight back global warming. Tom Wigley, a climate researcher of the National Center for atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., and Paul Crutzen at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz Germany concluded that an overheated planet can be safely cooled by an artificial haze of sulfur particles that will reflect solar radiation, like in the case of the Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines, spewed enough sulfates that can minimize the average world temperature by almost 1 degree Fahrenheit with no perceptible ill effects.

According to the research conducted at the Carnegie Institution of Washington DC, the last ditch engineering effort to block the sunlight could definitely reverse the global warming was found, well, temporarily. But it could lessen the temperature levels. The scientists believe that it will work. They calculate the effects of the curbing solar radiation instead of the CO2 emissions over the next 75 years. They have tested different occurrences and scenarios in a complex computer simulation of the world’s climate. They have actually evaluated the broad effects of lessening the solar radiation as a counterweight to rising carbon-dioxide emissions. In every case they tested, the planet has amazingly cooled quickly in as little as 5 yrs. Likewise; such tests have also revealed the predicaments of the climate control without the emission reductions. Another solution they have is the “trillions of tiny mirrors”. A professor proposed a plan on the Journal Science to cool the earth by means of the orbiting 16 trillion tiny mirrors which also costs trillions.

So ok, volcanoes and trillion orbiting mirrors, and what else? Huh? Well, we can help fight global warming. Let us all start with the simple things and of course in our vehicles. One of the best and simple means to help lessen our problem against global warming is to choose an efficient vehicle. In practical means, one should buy or choose a car that is least-polluting. We usually have the innovative hybrid vehicles that combine gasoline and electric motors that don’t need to be plugged in. So if in case you’re planning to buy a new car, consider the fuel economy performance first.


~ by khia0486 on April 11, 2008.

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