Here are some simple tips to ensure your safety before you hit the road. One should always be prepared to before driving.


Everyone knows that emergencies may happen anytime and there is no way to prevent them all of the time. But with the right planning, one can handle or manage them better when they happen and minimize the impact. Before travelling, one must take time to pack an emergency kit and keep it in the vehicle at all times. Important stuffs like the flashlight, disposable camera, warm clothing, and a lists emergency contact numbers which are important in case of emergencies or in the event of breakdowns. Furthermore, one must keep a list of any medical conditions or medications in case one of the family members takes the regular medications. Ensure an extra dose on hand in case you are stranded for a long period of time.


Check your tires. You should discover the problems of your tires, if there’s any. Scanning the tread of your vehicle is important; see to it that there are no sharp objects or punctures on them. Although punctures are just minors, still, they will cause you problems in the future as it grow bigger. Make sure that the tread depth is free from wear. One of the easiest means for checking the tread depth is to place a penny or coin in the thread groove with the Lincoln’s head is upside down and facing you. If you can see below the Lincoln’s head top, that only means, your tires needs some new replacements. And lastly, regular rotation, alignment and balance must be included in your tire’s regular maintenance.


Don’t forget to also check your vehicle lights. Night time driving is inevitable especially if you’re on a long trip. It actually requires better vision. Maintaining your auto headlights will reward you a nice and safe journey while on the highway since they allow you to see the road clearly while letting other vehicles or motorists see you. There are vehicles that utilize Halogen headlights and they usually dim over time while lessening the amount they give off. By significantly upgrading to whiter and brighter headlights you’ll get a good dose of excellent lighting condition while on the road. It is actually a wise move to increase your visibility as well as roadside viewing. You must check your vehicle lights periodically. Headlight alignment and cleaning keeps them shining bright.


One of the most overlooked parts of the vehicle is the windshield wipers. These parts are only remembered during rainy days and maintenance is neglected. Ensure that they are properly cleaned for better functionality. Warm weather can dry them out and causes them to harden and split apart which means another expenses. What’s worse, if there’s a rough weather condition, a faulty wiper can really create a serious visibility hazard particularly at night. Hence, they should be replaced every after six months and don’t forget to check the wiper fluid as well.


Worried about gas prices? By checking you tire pressure and adjusting it to the manufacturer’s recommended rating will definitely make your gas dollar go farther. If your vehicle tires are properly inflated, it makes your car safer to drive since it allows an easy control in various driving conditions. Another must have devices are the tire pressure gauge and inflators to maintain a good tire. Also, maintain a good air pressure for your tires. You’ll find some good infos about this in your car owner’s manual. You should check your tires at least once a month while your tires are cold and make sure that you use a good quality air gauge. Check for tread patterns since this it will help you determine if the air pressure inflation is enough or not. Excessive wear means under-inflation while wear on the center tread means over-inflation. Well, that’s all for now.Have a safe trip folks!

~ by khia0486 on April 12, 2008.

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