When we say extraordinary, it means it is beyond or out of the common order or method; something that is unusual, regular, customary or ordinary. It exceeds on the common degree, measure or condition; therefore remarkable; uncommon, rare, wonderful. In the case of the automobiles, extraordinary is something more than unique and it always pertains to how they look which is the common impression every time extraordinary is mentioned. However, to make a vehicle qualify to be one of the most extraordinary street machines, style is not only possessed but also the performance. In the car industry, if you wanna’ be in or stand out, be unique..be extraordinary! There are actually a lot of extraordinary vehicles nowadays. And believe me, they are really powerful and should I say..addictive?


Here’s an extraordinary three wheel front drive. Peugeot has divulged their new street playa’ last September Frankfurt Show. The Peugeot 20cup was a half-car with a motorbike concept combined with a spectacle of total surrealism as it heads towards you and begins to turn. Actually, you’ll rarely see this kind of car on the street since only a few are produced. In fact the first models were already gone, and the rest of it? Well, probably you’ll only get the chance to see them on movies, like the film a View to a Kill which is a Bond film that features a half Renault 11. Another revelation made by its creators is the upcoming Peugeot 207 supermini, complete with smiling grille and slanty headlights. The third level reveals that this working concept vehicle is powered by the hottest version of the 207’s eventual engine range, a joint venture with BMW, also destined for the next-generation Mini.




Another breathtaking vehicle design was also possessed by the IMSA Lamborghini Gallardo GTV. It was embraced from a spontaneous car technology. This “extraordinary sports car” has definitely an inner values carrying in its name. Though it was built from a unique state-of-the-art complexity, this mid-engine sports vehicle was also designed for daily use. It features an amazing 5.0L V10 which includes more than 600hp and satisfying any desire for superior performance by means of a torque that will send cold shivers down your spine while promising astounding reserves. This unique sports car carries some high-end machines that handle the performance-increased power train’s manufacturing and quality control which are only found on F1 street machines only. Hence, this machine can be considered as a perfect product since it has an outstanding and extraordinary features and style. This machine has a 4wd system that is drafted in a sporty concept and that guarantee driving fun even in adverse weather conditions.




Here’s another automobile which I can say also an extraordinary one – the Ariel Atom. This car was manufactured by Aerial Motor Company that is based in Somerset, England and under license by Brammo Motorsports in the United States. Aside from extraordinary, this car is also unusual since it is has an exoskeletal concept where the chassis is its body, lacks a roof, windows and its other features are also found on road vehicles. It comes with a range of engines; the top of the range being a supercharged Honda Civic Type-R K20 engine and a Supercharged 2.0 Litre 300hp 250 ft·lbf GM Ecotec engine both of which can reach speeds rivaling those of much more expensive automobiles. Although the top speed of approximately 140-150 mph is relatively tame compared to more exotic sports cars, the high power-to-weight ratio (approximately 500 bhp/ton, or 650 bhp/ton supercharged) affords it incredible acceleration and control through corners because there is no large amount of weight to throw it out of the turn.




And lastly, my favorite extraordinary car is this no-name vehicle which appears in a movie. Some people calls it the Nemo-mobile. Well, I’ll it on my list of top vehicles. That’s all for now! 



~ by khia0486 on April 15, 2008.

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