The growing competition among auto makers nowadays is seemingly providing good results for the consumers. And with their dedication on improving the features of their vehicle lines, the customers are enjoying the latest offers that these new generation of automobiles have. Take for example the self healing body paint invented by Nissan. This kind of news is a bit surprising for me, since we’ve never have any paint that can repair the scratches on its own. What’s amazing about this newest invention was it can withstand any kinds of damage though a Y10 coin scratch it. Such scratch will be repaired within a week. To speed up the whole process, you can pour up some warm water over the affected area that will simultaneously repair in a matter of minutes.

This paint has the same thickness of coating just like the normal coat of paint has. In practical means, the scratches will be repair easily to that depth. Also known as the Scratch Guard Coat, this amazing paint will be making its debut in Japan. It will be offered as an option on its X-trail SUV line before settling on whether to use this product on its range of cars. The obsession of Japanese people with cleanliness has really urged other corporations aside from Nissan in the same direction. Corporations like the Asahi Glass have also launched a self-cleaning window and the Panasonic’s air conditioner that has miniature robot patrols that collects dust.

This self healing paint was applied in the new 2008 Infiniti EX35 when it gets launched on December. The fluid finish technology which was used in this paint will definitely set transforms the automotive paint industry. The scratch guard has a unique clear coat which contains an elastic resin. This resin is intended to retain the fluidity for about three years into the vehicle’s life which allows the coating to flow back into shape, hence, removing the minor scratches. According to Nissan, the special paint takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days to fully remove a scratch, the variables due to air temperature levels and the severity of damage done to the affected area.

Scratch guard is truly an amazing invention that will benefit a lot of automobiles and of course car owners. Well, I can’t wait to see this new Nissan invention.

~ by khia0486 on April 16, 2008.


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