We all know that Chinese are all business-minded people. Probably, if you’ll visit their country you’ll find all sorts of business there, of course including the automotive business. However, what is this news that China is producing vehicles with Xerox? Just discover it though. Well, obviously it means cloning of vehicles under a different name. In Russia today, you can now found several automobiles of Chinese origin which are developed by the designers with rooted writing numbers as well as drawings srisovyvaya Foreign samples technology. Hence, the vehicle Chery (sounds like food) has flooded Russia that copies the Seat Toledo fifteen years ago and comes with the name Amulet. This same machine’s Passive safety features doesn’t stands the criticism.

Here’s  the sample of the cloned cars;


Not popular outside China until the Maple proslavitsya was introduced in the US although the plan was not really to sell their products there. The design for the next Cadillac CTS version for its Eidos Citroen ZX which was manufactured under license was copied. So In Chinese, this is the LIFAN 3 series. It is a compact pyatidverny Hatchback that is highly similar to the MINI. And since there are no reactions from its manufacturers, the Chinese continue to copy and the next are the new generation of vehicles like the Chery Tiggo 2, Actually, there are still other vehicle clones produced from China. But, I can say, the  designs were


~ by khia0486 on April 22, 2008.

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