Zup ya’ll again! Well, my post today is about a race car. The 2006 Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 racecar really caught my attention. It was subsequently designed in 2005 as a stock car. This fly ride has a firm foundation based on the critically acclaimed V8 Vantage road car. It was named after the “Nürburgring 24-hour race”, which it has done very well in a couple of times, and it is one of the most exacting and assiduous racing circuits in the world. The N24 (sounds like cell phone unit huh) is exclusively built towards the European specifications. This was provided with multitude of alterations, upgrades, and changes to make it on the same plane as any other car in competitive racing. The car was only produced as a limited production vehicle, and only built by hand, which is the Aston Martin stamp of extensive fine craftsmanship.

The whole interior of the V8 Vantage N24’s has been prepared for the optimum racing design, as little is left within the interior of the car. There are actually items which have been removed are the typical interior ornamentation and that includes the airbags, air condition, embellishments, and seats. The well design molding fascia remains and is upgraded into Alcantara plus a “Recaro Pole Position” competition seat is added to the car, with a passenger seat as an option, and a quick release steering wheel is fitted with suede trimmings, which is added as standard. The entire interior coverings which include the doors are substituted for the new “Twintex” lightweight mouldings. Also the interior has an FIA certified, complete high strength, steel roll cage measuring 40 x 15mm.

Meanwhile, the body of N24 is constructed from the lightweight aluminum side stripes, and redone side sills with a visible carbon fibre rib. Plus, it has a tail safety latch with the hinges are being kept; a quick release hood; a Motorsport towing eye fastened onto the chassis; polycarbonated side and rear windows with a slide opening for the driver; and there are preparation openings for tapping plates which serves use of pneumatic jacks. The specifications of the body are a width of 1865mm (73.5in); a front track of 1580mm (62.2in); a rear track 1590mm (62.6in); a wheelbase of 2600mm (102.5in); a height of 1210mm (47.5in); a length of 4380mm (172.5in); and a weight of 1330kgs, 250kgs lighter than a normal vehicle.
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However, to make it powerful, the N24’s engine – the 4.3 litre V8 was replaced in order to strengthen the throttle performance and replication by lightening and balancing the flywheel, the connecting rods, the pistons, and the crankshaft. On the other hand, its cylinder heads are redone through the entire exhaust as well as inlet ports that are smoothed in order to advance the overall compression ratio. Likewise, the engine regulator system was recalibrated for improved gas flow. The N24 also has a open flowing exhaust system with “ITG cylindrical foam air filters”, and a lightweight rear muffler minus any skirt valves. The V8 Vantage’s dry sump lubrication method is retained in order to assist with oil spillage while extreme cornering. The overall effect equated to a maximum horsepower of 410bhp (305kW) at 7500rpm, which is a 30bhp growth over the V8 Vantage, and a maximum torque of 425Nm (313lb-ft).

The N24 has a traditional transmission that is six speeds manual, equipped with a “breather catch tank”, along with a “Valeo twin-plate cerametallic clutch” (215mm) with a lightweight flywheel, entirely to powertrain formula. The V8 Vantage’s highly polished suspension received minor changes for the N24’s track use e.g. bigger front and back anti roll bars; “Bilstein Suspensions flexible ride height aluminum dampers”; solitary rate, flat ground, 2.5in “ID Eibach” springs with separate aiding springs; and the front sub-frame being modernized for more castor and camber. The wheels include front and rear “Speedline 10 x 18in, ET45mm cast magnesium”, with “Yokohama A048-R” tyres, and “Pagid RS 29” racing brake pads.

This one cool super race car is developed on Aston martin traditions, has proven it time and time again as a factory manufactured car that ready to take on any race. The level of fine details on a racing car conforms to the typical standards set so long ago, and has set its on rules for racing while carrying on the “Vantage” name. To see more of this car, you can check out the http://www.supercars.dk.

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~ by khia0486 on April 24, 2008.

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