If we have weird cars, prototype cars, hydrogen cars, electric cars, we also have “smart cars”. Well, though beat x is more on hip hop and cars, however, I also want to post here about future vehicles and other sorts of street machines which may, in the future, be a part of the hip hop industry. Beat X goes futuristic today. I’ll discuss about future smart cars.



Every time we hear about Smart cars, the image that probably comes to our mind is a small car that looks similarly with the micro vehicles and bug design cars. They are. But, as define, Smart cars are also known as the intelligent cars that make utilizes a form of artificial intelligence in order to enhance driving experience. However, they should not be confused with the Zap Vehicle Brand which is one of the well known manufacturers of small urban electric and non-electric vehicles.



According to some source, the future Smart cars will be using an advanced technology so that it can perform the functions were it is designed to do so such as automatic cruise control, lane departure warnings and correction, hazardous object avoidance, driver awakenings, position and satellite monitoring, self-parking and driverless transportation. Furthermore, researchers are said to be developing a distinct automotive technology as a preparation for the future, so that the smart cars will be able to interface by wireless as well as the infrared connections with the signals, road signs and other roadside communication devices.  With these changes, computerized Smart cars can automatically verify different driving conditions like the traffic ahead, steep adjustments and initiate some necessary adjustments ahead of time.


Another good news, in the future, Smart cars features will be further developed so that some day these cars will be able to determine their own speeds, control their navigation, put themselves off, avoid hazards or even simply park themselves with a little help from the driver. If you think that all of these are just plans or promises, then it’s a good thing that the European Union has already set its i2010 Intelligent Car Initiative.

This said initiative is aiming to develop safer and cleaner vehicles for everyone. Still, on this plan, safety is still the primary focus. Smart cars will be safer to drive and operate by essentially utilizing the latest technology like the adaptive cruise control that provides a safe distance from the other motorists or drivers, lane change assistants, lane departure warnings, hypo-vigilance mechanism which is intended for the sleepy drivers and an alcohol lock for those over the DUI limits.

Moreover, Smart cars will be able to interactively ease the traffic jam and find favorable roads to take as traffic need arises. Likewise, they will be able to avoid bicyclers, pedestrians and the people on the street. And these are made possible with the help of the advanced communication systems which includes the computers, GPS, and wireless networking.

Another anticipated objective for the smart car developers who desires to create a public transportation system is the hands-free motoring. And this plan is intended for the individual cars, shuttle buses, large transport buses and taxis that carry passengers without needing the driver. Today, there are some of the smart car projects that have been created to improve intelligent communication include CarTalk 2000, SEVECOM, GST, ADAS, ComuniCar, COM2React, CyberCars2, Safespot and Trace.

Smart Cars are seemingly one of the favorite vehicle types nowadays. This is probably because of the arising needs for the newer safety measure and finding means to lessen traffic congestion. And now, Smarts cars are also in demand when it comes to movies. A certain Smart car model was used in the movie –the Knight Rider. It is actually an old film starred by David Hasselhoff as the car. Well, I’m also anticipating Smart Cars on hip hop videos, a smart car that will fit in to this unique culture, probably.


~ by khia0486 on April 29, 2008.

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