Heard about hydrogen cars? Well, they seem like not everyone’s ideal cars, not because of how they look compare to the super cars, but their concept was actually just a dream. Just imagine an automobile that does not rely on oil. But this was the issue before. So ok, no one should thought hydrogen cars will not exist, with all the latest inventions and technology around us, indeed this kind of street machine will never be just a dream. In fact, there are a lot of hydrogen cars seen on the road nowadays, which means, the cyber era is now here. If you want to see these kinds of cars in flesh, just visit Uncle Sam and Japan. It is where the money at. Hydrogen cars can lessen the use of oil; however, they cost something that is really unimaginable. Maybe Bill Gates or any rich man that exist can have them, at least for now.


Since 2000, there have been 100 hydrogen prototype cars which have been showed in the public, yet, most of us hardly know about them. The first ever hydrogen fuel cell was actually developed way back in 1800 and the first fuel cell automobile was manufactured by General Motors in 1966. So, that means, before 2K comes in, there is already a hydrogen car that has been developed. But probably, the inventors haven’t exposed it to the public. In 2007, GM (the pioneer of the first hydrogen car) and the BMW were now expecting to roll out their 100 hydrogen vehicles for selected customers.


But before GM and BMW have released their hydrogen cars, Honda has already offered the first commercial hydrogen car as a lease to a family in Redondo Beach, California. And just like the super cars, hydrogen cars becomes one of the luxury toys of the elite


In 2007, both GM and BMW expect to roll out 100 hydrogen cars to select customers. In 2004, Honda offered the first commercial hydrogen car as a lease to a family in Redondo Beach, California. In 2007, Honda leased the FCX hydrogen car to 17-year-old actress Q’orianka Kilcher, her first car. Brad Pitt also arrived in a BMW Hydrogen 7 automobile to the premiere of his new movie Ocean’s 13 in Hollywood, California.


In the future, we’ll see a huge improvement on hydrogen cars. Like for example, Ford and GM Motors will develop a hydrogen car that features plug-in electric hybrid hydrogen fuel cell and this trend will most likely continue. Actually, the future hydrogen cars will have a concept of the combined technologies with hybrid electric vehicles or flex fuel cars in order to provide the consumers with more choices and to offer more alternatives for some infrastructure issues. However, the biggest problem those future hydrogen vehicles are not the vehicles themselves or the technology.  


The biggest problem is the building of the supporting hydrogen infrastructure. Building facilities to create hydrogen, transport it and dispense it from a fueling station on every corner as is done with gasoline now, will take billions of dollar in capital investment, which the oil companies are shy to do. This is the reason why BMW and Mazda have manufactured dual fuel cars that can run off either hydrogen or gasoline in just a flip of switch. Ford on the other hand produced the Superchief – super-tri car that can run off gasoline, E85 or hydrogen by simply pressing the button. Future hydrogen cars will have this multi-fuel technology combined with advanced battery technology along with a few other surprises as well. One of the surprises for future hydrogen cars is that they may not run off compressed or liquid hydrogen at all.


Now, researchers are already working on vehicles that produced hydrogen which is on demand from water or the hydrogen-rich chemical compound and the run this hydrogen. Well, there’s so much plans about the future hydrogen vehicles, car enthusiasts are probably anticipating for it. And so am i. lolz

~ by khia0486 on May 2, 2008.

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