For newbie fast car owner here are some of the basic vehicle maintenance that you can follow; My source for this one –

Basic car maintenance for new fast car owners

Buying a new fast car is like having a newborn baby. It requires proper care and maintenance. However, remember that each part is as fragile as a baby is. If you’re unfamiliar with the parts, familiarize yourself with your super fast car’s parts by going through the owner’s manual.
To get the most out of your hot fast car, make sure to follow these preventive maintenance measures.

1) Air Conditioning
A functioning air conditioner is important for daily comfort, especially during hot weather and summer season. When the air conditioning of your fast car gives out undesired cooling, it might be due to low refrigerant, a dirty condenser, air and moisture contamination or a mechanical problem.
If you have no clue on fixing any of these problems, check with a competent air conditioning technician to pinpoint and fix the air conditioner.

2) Brakes
The brakes of your fast new car are important due to safety reasons.
For instance, low brake fluid level can cause soft brake pedals. Wore down brake lining could cause the pedal to go all the way down. Dirty brake pads can cause the brakes to squeak. Insufficient hydraulic pressure or loose brake clearance can cause the brakes to pull your fast car to one side.
Having your brakes checked can prevent these situations and reduce the risks of accidents caused by brake malfunctions.

3) Engine and electrical system
Your super fast car’s electrical system includes the battery, starter, fuses and alternator. Proper maintenance of all the electrical system can avoid unwanted electrical faults.
Another important thing to consider is engine care. Always remember that the life and performance of your car engine lies on the engine oil. The oil should be checked regularly and calibrated to prevent engine breakdown. Also, replace the engine oil at recommended intervals.

4) Cooling System
When the engine of your cool fast car overheats, it is probably because the cooling system is ineffective. The cooling system should be regularly checked, especially during summer season. Make sure to give special attention to the pressure cap, hoses and fan belt. In order to protect your car from malfunctions during summer, get the cooling system serviced even before the start of summer.

Preventive maintenance is an important task of supercar automobile owners. If you make it your routine, it could prolong the life of your newfound baby. Following these basic car maintenance tips could help your new fast car deliver optimum performance. It can also reduce the risk of an unexpected car breakdown.

How to Keep your Car Smelling Clean

A brand-new smelling fast car does not necessarily mean it’s clean. In fact, those smell from new fast cars come from unsettled molecules of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as rubber or plastic materials and cleaning solvents.
According to a study in Australia, there are over 30 organic compounds, some toxic, that are found floating in fast new cars.
In order to counter these chemicals, drive with an open window for the first four to six months of cruising with your new fast car.
Always remember that your supercar automobile is a refuge of all smoke, bacteria, exhaust fumes and various airborne contaminants. A clean smell can be disrupted by either liquid and solid wastes or an automotive problem.

Here is a list of several smells that may be caused by internal problems of your hot fast car.

When your fast cars smells like exhaust fumes, it can be a sign of leaks in the exhaust system, including in the muffler, exhaust manifold, tailpipe and exhaust pipes. It can also be due to worn seal on the rear door or hatchback.
Once you smell this, make sure to take action immediately. Exhausts can be deadly due to carbon monoxide. During these occasions, it is best for your super fast car to be serviced by a mechanic or muffler.

2) GAS
If your fast car smells like raw gas, it could signify leakage in the tailpipe, muffler, exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe. It can also be due to worn seal on rear door or hatchback.
When this happens, check if the gas cap is loose or misplaced. If the smell persists,       bring your new fast car to the mechanic right away.

The smell of burning plastic inside your super fast car could be caused by any kind of plastic lying on the road that has been stuck to the hot exhaust located beneath the car. Although this can be difficult to get rid off, it is best to crawl under the car and scrape the plastic manually.

4) OIL
Smelling oil leakage could cause light smoke and a very foul smell. This is usually caused by an oil engine leakage that spills into the exhaust manifold and begins to be burnt.
Preventive oil maintenance is the best way to avoid this problem. However, if you’re in this kind of situation, bring your new fast car to the mechanic to be fixed.

A foul smell on your fast car can mean more than it is. It can damage your engine or your tires and cause a car breakdown. Be cautious about these smells to prevent further damage of your fast new car. Contact a mechanic right away if an unusual smells brings about.

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