With the ever increasing problem in gas or fuel nowadays, probably, you’re one of those people who are searching for ways to save money on gas. Well, here are some simple tips to help you.

The 5 simple ways to save money on gas;

You probably wonder why you spend a lot of bucks for your pricey vehicle. And sometimes, you’ll get all crazy and freak out or even blame the society just because of the oil price hike and just because your road buddy is making you broke. Well, not a good thing. So to make everything cooled up, here are the tips that will somehow help you save money on the gasoline. Expensive buying doesn’t have to be necessary. All you have to do is to follow these five simple routines.

1) Replace the fancy gasoline with low-octane fuel
In filling up your new fast car, make sure to buy the lowest grade of gasoline. However, choose the most appropriate gas for your supercar automobile. Knowing which fuel works best for your fast cool car is always located in your owner’s manual. Look it up.
Filling up your car with premium gasoline, even if it can be filled with low-octane fuel, is just a waste of money. Besides, not buying the high-octane gasoline won’t boost your fast car’s performance, anyway.

2) Remember to tighten the gas cap
Gas naturally evaporates from your fast new car when the gas tank has an escape. According to the statistics, over 145 million gallons of gas evaporate yearly due to missing, damaged and loose gas caps. Why be one of those careless fast car owners? Tighten those gas caps now.

3) Air conditioning and shade
During summer, the intense sun can evaporate fuel instantly and make the insides of your hot fast car burn your skin up. For this reason, parking your car in the shade can be an effective gas-saving routine.
Besides, once you’ve parked your new fast car in a shady place, using the gas-hogging air conditioning can be counted out. Just remember that air conditioning can drag your car’s fuel economy by 10 to 20 percent.

However, when air conditioning is necessary, cool your car down by opening the windows, vents and sunroof. Turning on the air conditioning at full blast once you go into your super fast car will definitely waste your money and gas.

4) Engine Care
A fast car that is out of tune or failed an emission test can drag your gas mileage down to up to 4 percent. Regular tune-ups as well as spark plug and air filter replacements can provide your car with over 30 percent of fuel efficiency.

5) Fast Cars with good mileage
Buying cars with a good mileage is probably the most important tip in saving money on gas. To know which new fast car provides good gas mileage, check with an unbiased car dealer.

Man! Believe it or not, these five simple routines can stretch up your gas dollar. Try it now and let it become your daily habit.

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