Hip hop culture is probably one of the most successful parts of the entertainment and business industry. Aside from the heart bouncing beats, unique fashion and cool images that this distinct culture has brought us, Hip hop has also invade the business industry particularly the world of cars. Everyone knows about it, most of the hip hop videos nowadays have paraded the most stylish and luxurious vehicles that ever created. And not that they only patronize stylish automobiles, but also the gadgets and other sorts of bling bling that will truly make the vehicle look like no other. Yeah, you probably see them on TV shows like the MTV’s famous car show, Pimp My Ride which is also hosted by a famous rapper Xhibit.

Hip Hop has actually introduce the word “bling-bling” to us. It refers to any unnecessary accumulation of metal or jewellery which impresses the simple-minded. Examples of bling-related activity include: driving a car with shiny platinum rims, arriving at a movie premiere in a hat made of glittering diamonds, or pointing at a big block of gold and cooing away for hours on end like an unforgivable moron whose mere existence ultimately cheapens us all. Bling is the single most shallow, boring and wilfully superficial cultural phenomenon ever to excite humankind, which is saying something for a species already hooked on internet poker.

In recent months, collective guilt over the planet’s future and the disparity of global wealth have exerted a cooling effect on bling’s popularity, although genuine justice will never be achieved until everyone responsible for promoting, propagating, passively approving of, or even being ironically amused by any and all aspects of bling culture has been hunted down and jailed for a minimum of 37 years in a maximum security prison with no carpets, hot water or bog roll. This is according to the Urban Dictionary.

Well, aside from these shiny and luxury stuffs installed in the vehicle, Hip Hop now has also its own Air freshener? Say what?! Is that for real? You may probably ask. This is not actually new since its creators have also encountered the same questions. So how does a hip hop a freshener smell? By the time that everything was actually “pimped out” why not also the smell? So a genius have started his own hip hop air freshener.

The Atlanta-based Urban Air Fresheners, Inc., a subdivision of Stargate Worldwide Entertainment, joins the automobile accessories industry with an ingenious product. The car air freshener was actually the company’s premier product which is placed in the shape of the pimp cup, Hip-Hops accessory du jour, which will be available in five scents. Chief officers Tarik Edmonson and Edmond Nasyr Brown have negotiated with the several companies in order to obtain additional distribution. Their efforts have already been met with tremendous enthusiasm in the United States southeast region, a market that they hope to corner. Once the item becomes available in stores, Urban Air Fresheners also plans a global marketing campaign to consist of advertising in Hip-Hop and car enthusiast magazines, along with a heavy push for product placement in music videos and other media aimed at urban culture. The company has confirmed interest from several major figures in sports and entertainment, including celebrity DJ Funkmaster Flex and DJ Greg Street of Atlanta.

The pimp cup air-freshener was actually inspired by Hip-Hop’s renewed fascination with the pimp culture. With celebrities such as 50 Cent, Chingy, Lil Jon and Snoop Dog displaying their personalized pimp cups in music videos, photo shoots, and red carpet appearances, the bejeweled, golden chalices have become a popular item for urban music fans as well. Though keeping to the same scents as similar items, the creative product draws further ties to its target audience with an equally creative names for each flavor: Gangsta Lean (cherry), Ghetto Fabulous (new car smell), Hot Boys (vanilla) , Pimps Up (spice), and Passion (green apple). We wanted to keep it current, says CEO Edmonson. The names reflect whats in now. Looking at the car accessory market and what is out there, I see there is a big gap for new products pertaining to Hip-Hop. Check out more about this on http://www.urbanairfresheners.com.

~ by khia0486 on May 20, 2008.

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