A swaggering diva, a feisty girl grouper and a brooding piano songbird- these are the different onstage personas that Alicia Keys have. If Beyonce performs onstage as Sasha. A. Keys don’t use other personalities. She’s always in her dynamic, dazzling self every time she sings in front of the people. As I Am album was definitely one of her big hit album. As one of her fans, I always have her songs with me. The music particularly the lyrics have always deeper meaning where everyone can definit

ely relate. But aside from her unique talent, she’s absolutely pretty. Wow, a total whole package- talent, beauty and attitude.

If I can compare A Keys to a car, that would be the Lotus M250 concept automobile. Though I’m not an avid Lotus fan, but when I saw this great masterpiece, it was like “love-at-first-sight”. Lotus M250 concept car has a bit similarity with the old Lotus models- Elise and the 340R since they all have the same venting and headlights design. Well, according to some reviews – a “wrap around windscreen similar to the visor on a helmet has been worked into the cabin forward design. Overhangs are short and the emphasis has been placed on a balanced aerodynamics rather than a very low drag coefficient, including careful management of undercar airflow. Large wheels are fitted to the concept car, with 18″ at the front and an enormous pair of 19 inchers at the rear”. Hmm..sounds like this car is definitely boarded with a lot of interesting amenities.

According to Russell Carr, Lotus’ head of Styling and Design – their Lotus M250 blends with the sensuous lines with contemporary, crisp design elements, to give it what we like to refer to as ‘attitude’.” Indeed, it’s the “A” word that matters. Now, Lotus are enjoying their success along with the Lotus Engineering, profits with last year that reaches up to 10 million. As a result, a £7million worth R&D Centre is about to built at the Norfolk headquarters. Such establishment will include an advanced technology workshops and CAD stations and two design studios. Today, the crew of Lotus engineering is now responsible for the design of engines in 10% of all Europe’s new cars.

Meanwhile, Lotus M250 was actually built as more of an everyday car type than the Elise, this automobile is showered with luxury items as befits the car in the price bracket. Central locking, electric windows, and air conditioning are also included. Generally, Lotus vehicle lines don’t expect driver assistance aids like traction or the stability control though. Lotus would rather prefer to an engineer an alert and well-behaved chassis from the beginning. Likewise, the power steering is also included.

Unfortunately the Lotus M250 has never reached the production. It was perceived as a model to fit in the Lotus automobile lineup between the Elise and Esprit. The proposed powerplant for the M250, and presumably the source of the ‘250’ element of the name, was a 250 horsepower, 3.0 litre, mid-mounted V6.The original concept for the M250 was to provide the car ‘creature comforts’ like air-conditioning, central locking and electric windows – which Lotus usually omit from their products in order to lower weight. hence the M250 project was kept when Lotus decided that the car does not fit for the world market. Fortunately the spirit of the M250 still lives on in vehicles like the Lotus Exige and later, the Europa, though this car was not that stylish as the M250. But the issue was somehow fixed as the radical 340R came in to the scene that also proves Lotus’ great ability to create a one of a kind vehicle in a very short time.

Well, to clear up, although Lotus M250 wanes, A. KEYS’ career will not fade. And that’s for sure! Who could’ve thought? The Lotus M250 could have been a perfect car for her music videos, (sigh)

~ by khia0486 on May 27, 2008.

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