If you’re one of those car owners who uses an iPod or iPhone in a vehicle, well, here’s a good news for you, using these iPod stuffs has been made easier. Thanks to the latest masterpieces made by the Griffin Technology. Introducing the Windowseat, a strange name does it? It is actually a simple gadget. Basically, it is a suction windshield installed purposely for the iPhone or iPod touch. If the next iPhone generation acquires some legitimate GPS, it will become a $30 worth accessory for cars. Another great goodie is the iTrip AutoPilot. This is a cool combi of charger and transmitter for the iPod that essentially connects through the standard dock connection of almost every iPod that exist and will be broadcasting tunes over the FM. It also includes the 12V DC adapter with the play, forward, pause and the backward controls which are meant for the iPod or iPhone. Furthermore, it also includes a SmartScan feature that helps the user find the best FM station for the transmission and has the SmartSound Plus technology for the clearer sound. As clear as crystal and you can hear Usher’s sweat dropping. Lol. By the way, the iTrip AutoPilot is available for $100.


~ by khia0486 on May 30, 2008.

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