Music is something that most of us can’t live without. As one of the music lovers and car enthusiasts, I always want to take my music collections with me everywhere I go. Like MIMS said, Music is My Savior; music is my remedy whatever mood I have. The bottom line is I can’t live without it. Well, fortunately auto makers knows the needs of people like me and since we are living in a cyber world, putting music into our cars are now easy. Sometimes, you just have to plug it and voila! Rock on! One of the respective auto manufacturers that apply it is the German auto maker-Volkswagen.

Volkswagen has attempted to improve their music features on their vehicle lines collaborating with the maker of iPod. Tying it up in the Beetle will be considered as the highest into the musical stratosphere the company representing Deutschland would reach. But as the saying goes, thoughts could kill, VDub has decided to make something that is easier for the car owners to have an access with the music features embedded on the vehicle. This feature is not just for listening music, but also you can create it. This is the reason why they are starting to have an ad campaign and the first of its kind musical giveaway in collaboration with the guitar maker First Act, Inc. Those who can purchase vehicles like Jetta, Jetta GLII, GTI, Rabbit, New Beetle and the New Beetle Convertible and select 2006 models will acquire a completely customized First Act GarageMaster electric guitar that will play seamlessly through the car’s existing audio system. Each First Act GarageMaster electric guitar will:

* display the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the owner’s Volkswagen vehicle
* come with custom colored pick guards complementing the exterior of the car
* feature the traditional Volkswagen logo and “V Dub” inlay
* have a guitar strap made of safety belts
* come with VW knobs, a prominent blue indicator light that matches the trademark instrument panel lighting of Volkswagen vehicles.
* VW logo guitar picks and a carrying case to take the music anywhere.

~ by khia0486 on May 30, 2008.

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