If you think Bugatti Veyron is the fastest car that exists, well, think again, you’ll probably be surprised with the latest news about the new Swiss super car that is rumored to have wiped off the record of Veyron, as the fastest car. This automobile is actually the contender for the fastest road-legal car on the planet. Its creator calls it as the “Faster One. As the name implies, it seems that this car has already claimed the throne. But of course, Bugatti fans will not just allow it. Of course, they would want to have a test to see “whose who”. However, no offense to Bugatti Veyron enthusiasts but if ever these two street beasts will compete on the road, the Faster One can claim the top speed of the 260mph (420kmh) would see it crawl away from both the Veyron and the SSC Ultimate Aero.

Veyron’s 1001 only possess 900 horse powers while the Faster One lives up to its famous name by the virtue of its excellent aerodynamics that appears to have been achieved partially through the boisterous application of the ugly stick. Hmm..If you could check out the price of its ultimate velocity, this will bring you a little over US$ 1.5 million. There is this school of design that introduces a new philosophy; it believes that anything that is designed primarily to be aesthetically pleasing is inherently not good for the fact. If such thinking could resonate with you, then appreciating this car will be easier for you since it has a unique look which is considered as one of its key features that makes it as the world’s fastest road-legal driving machine.

Weber Sportcars Faster One was built for the perfect blend of crushing down force and the total directional stability when it almost cover the length of the football pitch in every second. This glorious street machine also include a bonnet that is flared over the wheels as well as dipped in the center while creating a V-shaped air wedge over the vehicle while the slope gently up to the flush-mounted windshield to press the front axle firmly down on the road. Even the windscreen wiper gets in on the aerodynamics, sitting vertically against the windshield at rest to present the smallest possible profile.

Unlike any other vehicle, the Faster One doesn’t have any door handles. Weird right? But instead of door handles, this car is uses the Lambo-style switchblade doors tilt upwards at the press of a button. The underside of the car is also adorned with the same attention to aeros which is perfectly smoothly, with a curved, venturi tunnel at the rear up to where the twin exhausts exit. Similar with the Bugatti Veyron, the Faster One also has an electronically activated spoiler wing. When the gas pedal’s down, it’s angled to provide maximal downforce, but at very high speeds, it flicks up to a fully vertical position in a 20th of a second when the driver hits the brakes, providing a staggering 4,000 newtons of air braking without building any heat at all in the discs or tyres. It’s also an exceptionally light car that weighs 1100kg, which helps its incredible acceleration rate and power-to-weight ratio. Actually, the whole aluminum frame of the Faster One only weighs at 65kg and has the torsional rigidity of the concept is that it flexes inly with one degree under the force of 30 metric tons. To have the precise weight distribution, the fuel tank of this car has been split into four and placed around the vehicle.

Moreover, it also feature a special engine to take you anywhere near 420kmh. So, in the case of Weber, it means a 7.0 liter V8 having a dry-sump oil system and a belt driven 1.0 bar supercharger for each of the two cylinder banks. It’s fed through a custom-developed high performance injection system by Magneti Marelli, which offers a set of different injection mapping options accessible through buttons on the Playstation-style steering wheel. Actually there are still tons of great offer that this car have, all you gotta’ do is to explore them. You can check more of this info from

~ by khia0486 on June 5, 2008.

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