British auto makers are now invading the car industry. This year, they are just one of the few car manufacturers who have introduced the latest hottest cars, super cars to be particular. And now a new car brand has appeared in the streamline. After eight years of developing a new concept of car, Keating is now giving us their new baby – the Keating SKR and the race-track only TKR brother that offers a continental appeal, lightweight snappy handling excellent power, from 400hp on the base model to a ridiculous projected 1500hp for the twin-turbo top dog. With sensible service intervals and a bespoke approach to super car-building, Keating hopes to rekindle the British performance auto industry.





The owner of these glorious driving machines – Anthony Keating has come up with these concepts since he has seen many of the well-known car brands such as the Lotus, Jaguar, Aston Martin and other popular British performance car brands have only fall into the foreign ownership over the recent decades. But of course, this man’s not like any other car enthusiasts, Keating puts himself in a position to do something about it. Hence, he sets himself a soaring goal of establishing the British super car brand from nothing. True, he built all of these from nothing. He actually struggled to find the precise combination of the componentry in England. He settled on the Filipino bodywork expertise, an American engine from GM, and Italian frame and chassis building. All design and development was undertaken on British soil.





And now after eight years, everyone has seen the results, Keating has now introduced its road focused SKR super car and the track-focused TKR variant. The designs has an Italian taste, though Keating has promised to provide a little British pragmatism with the long service intervals which makes these unique super cars a bit easier to own than any other automobiles on the competition. So what about the performance of these cars? Let’s start with the SKR. This ride is definitely fully calibrated with amazing features. It has the base 6-litre V8 motor  that pumps out a good 400 horsepower, and there are larger capacity twin-turbo variants of the TKR that promise to put up to a staggering 1500 horses to the wheels. Well actually that’s beyond the famous features of the fastest legal super car, the Bugatti Veyron that shows off a 1000php. The TKR on the other hand is considered a fast track racer even if it’s not competing for road going top-speed honors.





Let’s take a look to the SKR’s external feature. It has a steel frame that contributes to a 1190kg weight while the TKR has an all-carbon skeleton features that helps it weigh in just under 1000kg. Actually, the carbon body shell was one of the options on the SKR, but it was only applicable in warmer climates. Aside from their excellent chassis and the engine options, the rest are absolutely bespoke. Everything on these cars are great! From the dash instruments to the types as well as the seat coverings and the interior which is crafted to fit in every buyer’s specifications. So what about the price? Well, just like any other super cars SKR and TKR also comes in a “golden price”. SKR starts at around UK£90,000, so that would mean its more like UK£125,000 for the higher-spec 650 horsepower road version. Probably, you can get more bucks from the other well known car brands like Porsche. Owning these cars is not about showing off, but it’s about “exclusivity”. In fact, the company is planning never to sell more than ten a year. These automobiles are meant for giving a unique presence on the road and show the so-called British pride.









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