Before, discretion is the key when it comes to the luxury armored vehicle arena, however, with the increasing competitors such as Range Rover and Jaguar making inroad into the market, Rolls Royce Motor Cars has revealed to the press people that an armored version of their Phantom will be launched. This fly ride is fully calibrated with substantial security benefits for those customers that require the highest levels of personal protection.”




This part is engineered to BR7 level which is the highest current international protection rating; the Phantom Armoured is virtually indistinguishable from the standard version, inside and out. But this car features high-tech fibre composites as well as special purpose steel in order to give protection for the vehicle’s bodywork while the glazed area was built from the sheets of the thickened glass. Likewise, a polycarbonate layer is also embedded inside for the purpose of extra protection of the passengers. The standard of the BR7 protection highly requires that the materials be independently proven to endure 7.62 x 51 NATO 150 grains, full copper jacket steel hard core bullets with a velocity of 2657 to 2723 ft/sec, such as those fired from a .308 Winchester rifle.




This street beast can stand up to an AK47 attack from ten feet away. In an ordinary vehicle, it would only have to meet the lower BR4 standard in order to protect the owner. Meanwhile, Phantom has an aluminum space frame chassis and suspension parts which have been further strengthened to carry the additional weight of the modifications. But its power train is untouched as it still provides an amazing 453bhp and a hair-raising 720Nm of torque. So what about the security? It offers a new package which has been made to offer the same luxury, comfort and refinement as the standard Rolls-Royce range. This car will be available initially in Europe and in the Middle East.





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