It was April when H2origin demonstrator vehicle was introduced to the public. It was the excellent product made by PSA Citroën and fuel cell specialist Intelligent Energy. PPC was actually a battery-electric vehicle that makes use of the specially designed hydrogen fuel cell to significantly triple its range to a great 300km or 186 miles. It has a hydrogen storage system has developed for the zero-emission demonstrator vehicle that is based on the original Peugeot Partner Van which is compact enough to squeeze under the bonnet and using the a swappable storage rack of compressed hydrogen tanks that slide out the rear, by passing the need for the conventional fuel station that simplifies the infrastructure needed to make the hydrogen-powered vehicles a commercial reality.



The 10 kW fuel cell power system is essentially based on the Intelligent Energy’s PEMFC ( Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell) technology is compact enough in order to fit in the engine compartment along with the entire auxiliary equipment as well as the electric motor. Meanwhile, the fuel cell is designed with a service life of 5,000 hours or about five years which is based on the average application of three hours a day and the company’s experience when it comes to compact fuel cell systems with cold start capability has also resulted in the vehicle which can be started at the temperatures as low as -20°C.



Actually, the company foresees that the use of compact fuel cell as the range extender as one of the most practical and feasible solution – for both economic and standpoints, for applying this technology. They were confident about this since their fuel cell expertise as well as system integration capabilities have been proven and now in developing the power system and incorporating it into this new street machine. The H2Origin is actually the fifth demonstrator made by PSA Peugeot Citroen and is one of the most successful product examples of integrating the fuel cell technology into an electric power train. Each of the vehicles in which Peugeot made such as the Peugeot Hydro-Gen, Peugeot Taxi PAC, H20 lght fire-fighting vehicle, Peugeot Quark and Peugeot 207 CC “e-Pure” are fully calibrated with different types of fuel cells.



Furthermore, the demonstrator is also one of the masterpieces of PSA Peugeot Citroën’s continuous work in terms of keeping or storing the hydrogen gas at 70Mpa. This is one of their accomplishments that maximize the hydrogen amount which can be kept in the provided volume by nearly 70%. The carbon fibre as well as the hydrogen resin tanks utilized undergoes complicated tests which includes the bullet firing at the platform design which has been previously applied in the Taxi PAC automobile and is significantly conceptualized to release the excess payload area for the cargo. As one of the pioneers in low carbon vehicles, PSA have already been providing and demonstrating several zero emissions street machines for years. H2Origin basically was conceptualized from Intelligent Energy fuel cell and such can extend its range from the approximately 100km to three that distance. It is maximizes the attractiveness for the urban delivery which is one of the most anticipated future markets for the electric vehicles.



The creation of the H2Origin demonstrator is actually a good sign that the car industry is exploring beyond their line just to help sustain the needs and demands of every vehicle freaks out there. Though such vehicle does not possess the unique style of every concept car, but it does have the performance that will allow anyone to have that exhilarating ride. Well, I don’t know about the price of this vehicle, but probably it also cost more bucks, on the bright side, this car vehicle has it all.


~ by khia0486 on June 13, 2008.


  1. Really the creation of carbon di oxide gas is dangerous for the environment. So be aware of it..

  2. thanks … great article. i was searching for this. keep it going

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